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Police Intensifies Search For Tchoudam Njiki For Terrorism-related, Secession Charges

by Atlantic Chronicles

The search for Tchoudam Njiki Aime Loique and many others, launched after the September 22, 2020 protest match has intensified.

Tchoudam Njiki was found wanting after an investigation, and the Regional Division for Judiciary Police in the Littoral Region of Cameroon issued an arrest warrant for him and other suspects.

According to the Judicial Police, Tchoudam Njiki bearer of Identity Card No 100352107 delivered on 26/02/2014 is charged for complicity, and for supporting acts of secession of a “self-proclaimed English-speaking republic called Ambazonia”, during a protest march from September 22, 2020 in the city of Douala.

He is supposed to be arrested if found in Douala or within its surroundings. Police officers has been instructed to indicate or arrest him to the nearest Police Station for judicial procedures.

Many citizens who took part in the protest march have been arrested and tried while others have disappeared without a trace. Several of these protests have been witnessed in different parts of the country especially in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country.

Human rights groups within the country and those out of Cameroon have condemned the mass arrest of protesters indicating that citizens have the right to exercise their freedom when they are not satisfied with what is going on.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. The right of peaceful assembly includes the right to hold meetings, sit-ins, strikes, rallies, events or protests, both offline and online,” human right activist said.

With the coming of the Anglophone Crisis, Cameroon has recorded a dismal performance when it comes to respecting human rights.

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