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Newly-Appointed UB Officials Urged To Be Efficient

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

BUEA, Cameroon – Some 68 new officials of the University of Buea, UB, appointed, June 8, have been tasked to showcase efficiency at work.

This was during an installation ceremony at UB’s Amphi 750, overseen by the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Horace Ngomo Manga.

The ceremony took place in an atmosphere of physical distancing and wearing of masks, owing to COVID-19 pandemic.

During the event, UB boss told the appointees that they were chosen because of something worthy in them has been seen and urged them to be up to the task. 

Those appointed were Vice Deans of faculties, Heads of Department, HOD, Heads of Division, Heads of Service and Coordinators.

Among these people, some were commissioned to Higher learning for the first time as they have been teaching only in Government High Schools under the Ministry of Secondary Education.

The appointments of these academicians, the VC stated, is because of the vacancies and creation of new posts at The Place To Be.

While tasking them, Prof. Ngomo stressed that the appointees should follow their job descriptions and deliver to the expectations of UB.

Reacting after the installation, Dr Ray Mbua, appointed as coordinator for the Post Graduate Program in the faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, FAVM, said he was very elated and ready for the task ahead of him.

“I am in charge of teaching both for students and teaching staffs. It is a very heavy task but I think, with God and with my other colleagues, both of higher levels and those of our lower administrative level, I think we will be able to make it. We are praying that God should give us wisdom and me in particular. It is a big office, and we need to coordinate a lot,” said Prof. Beatrice Fonge Ambo appointed as Head of Division for Teaching at the Academic Office.

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