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New Nigerian Consul General Pledges To Strengthen Relations With Cameroon

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea- Southwest Region) The new Nigerian Consul General to the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon, Ibrahim Mohammed Bashir, has promised to strengthen bilateral relations between Cameroon and Nigeria.

He also pledged to ensure that Nigerians residing in the two Regions under his command remain law-abiding.


He made the promise, August 29, at the Southwest Governor’s Office in Buea, where he presented his exequatur to Southwest Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai.

In the brief ceremony, Governor Okalia Bilai called on the incoming Consul General to carry out his duties in strict respect of the laws of Cameroon, and consequently be careful in carrying out his duties so as to maintain the existing relations between the two neighbouring countries.

He also beseeched the incoming Consul General to have an established, “sense of responsibility in your collaboration with the local authorities and all the actors in the field…particularly as we share a long common boundary with our friendly Federal Republic of Nigeria.”


In an interview with the press, the incoming Consul General said: “I am so glad for this day, and I am going to embark on my official responsibility.”

On how he will carry out his responsibility, he said, “I will reach out to my people and encourage them to be law-abiding, I will also respect the host country’s laws, I will remain law abiding with my officers, so that we can strengthen the existing cordial relations between Cameroon and Nigeria”.

Asked what his office will do to help bring an end to the crisis in the Anglophone Regions where most of his people are, Ibrahim Mohammed Bashir said, “We are offering assistance to our people. Any Nigerian that is in distress, we will offer assistance, and that is why it is called consulate, we offer consular services to our people.” The occasion was graced by the presence of the Nigerian community in Cameroon, the Senior Divisional Officer and Divisional Officers of the Fako Division, head of military units in the Region among others.


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