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Nera10’s Shu Fai Barrister Blaise Rushed To Military Hospital

by Atlantic Chronicles
Shufai Barrister Blaise

BUEA, Cameroon- Shufai Barrister Blaise Berinyuy, one of the Ambazonian leaders arrested in Nigeria and whisked to Cameroon, and serving time at the Kondengui Prison in Yaounde, was, May 16, rushed to the Yaounde Military Hospital in critical condition.

Shufai Berinyuy fell sick 10 days earlier and his situation deteriorated to a point where he was rushed to the Military Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. 

Information from the communication and media Chairman for the defence team of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe & Co., Barrister Amungwa Tanyi, gave the alert on Saturday, May 16, after learning of the developments. 

“Senior Barrister Shufai Blaise of the Prison Principale has been rushed out of the prison to the Military Hospital in Yaounde,” he said. 

The defence team further stated that: “Shufai has been ill for over 10 days and has been on drips for the last three days. The treatment he received from the infirmary of the Kondengui Principal Prison has been largely inadequate,” they stated. 

After visiting their client and colleague, the team, represented by Barristers Amungwa and Pekum stated: “We have visited our colleague, brother, and client, Shufai ESQ at the Military Hospital in Yaounde. He was rushed to the Military Hospital today May 16, 2020, after 10 excruciating days of malaria and typhoid diagnosed at the infirmary of the Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde.

“For 10 days, he was not responding to treatment until today morning when the situation became critical as his legs began to dangle before he was evacuated to the military hospital 

“He continues to complain of acute stomach ache. Upon arrival at the hospital this morning, many clinical exams were run on him. As of the time that we are leaving the hospital (May 16), the medical results are not yet out. He tells us that he can’t explain how he managed to arrive at the hospital. He is being administered a drip,” Barristers Amungwa and Pekum stated after leaving the hospital. 

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