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Minister Issa Tchiroma Urges Close To 1000 Newly Matriculated ICT University Students To Fully Utilise School’s Top-notch Programmes

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The prestigious ICT University has officially matriculated close to 1000 new students on campus for the 2023/2024 academic year.  This was during a matriculation ceremony that took place at the campus of the institution in Messasi, Yaounde on October 25, 2023.

The new students were commissioned to be dedicated to their studies and acquire skills that will permit them be job creators upon graduation.

Present during the solemn academic event was the keynote speaker, Issa Tchiroma Bary who is the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training.

Minister Tchiroma underscored the need for the students to take very seriously the knowledge impacted upon them by lecturers of ICT University whom he described as qualified and trained for the task. Minister Issa Tchiroma also stressed the importance of vocational and professional training in the building of an emergent Cameroon by 2035. He said “The world today is for those who can offer a solution to a given problem. The Head of State has a vision for this country which is to make it an emergent country by 2035. But we cannot be emergent if we only train people in general education”.


ICT University Students at matriculation ceremony

He said there is a need to “go above that and train people who are potential job creators. Every day, I receive more than 100 youthss who are coming to seek employment. But the truth is the state cannot employ everybody. So I believe that you students of the ICT University will not be job seekers but job creators”.

‘Make Use of Opportunities’

The Minister also charged the students to make maximum use of the many opportunities at their disposal. He said “ Cameroon is blessed with so many potentials and you are the ones to make use of these potentials for your self-enrichment and the enrichment of your peers. For us to do this we have to develop our human resources which is one of the key aspects the ICT University is bringing in. So take advantage of this and develop skills that will help you explore these opportunities”.

Minister Hails ICT University

The Vocational training boss went on to salute the marvellous work the ICT University is doing in the training of young Cameroonians in the fields of digitalisation and ICTs.

He pledged the government’s total support to the vision bearer of the institution, Prof Victor Mbarika. Adding that “The government of Cameroon is proud of what the ICT University is doing. We want to assure the founder that the government of Cameroon is strongly behind you and if you might need anything you let us know and we are going to discuss it. Once again congratulations for what you are doing to our youth”.

VC On Rules, Regulations

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof Jean Emmanuel Pondi, on his part cautioned the students to abide by the rules and regulations of the school in order to ensure a smooth study life.


Minister Issa Tchiroma and ICT University stakeholders talking to the press

He said that students have to be very disciplined ensuring that they follow up with lecturers very keenly. “We won’t tolerate any aspect of indiscipline such as plagiarism, harassment of any kind”, he said.

Prof Pondi also assured them that “we will give you the best that will enable you to develop skills. We want students of integrity that will help Cameroon in the future. Once again you are welcome and we will give you just the best”

The students on their part were very excited to enroll in the institution and their experience so far on campus has been so positive and they look forward to better days.

One of the freshmen, Miyo Brayane who was inspired by the several works of ex-students of the institution told the press that “I was so touched with what was projected to us about what ex-students of the school are doing. It is amazing I will do my best to develop the skills necessary to get to that level”

Funder Prof Mbarika Announces Major Innovations

The founder Prof Victor Mbarika announced during the event that the institution is in the process of creating a satellite that will be one of its kind in the African continent.


ICTU Founder, Prof Mbarika

He also said in the next five years, the school seeks to invest 600 million FCFA to accompany students who have distinct innovative ideas to help them establish enterprises of their own.

These students are therefore entering a school that has a vision to train young Cameroonians who can take the relay when all is said and done.

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