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Man Of God Reveals Why Pastors Are Dying

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The President and General Overseer of the Light World International Ministry, Rev. Dr. Leslie Nfor Nsame, says the recent deaths of men of God in the past two months in the Cameroon has shaken the church, and calls for attention.

Talking on June 24 in an exclusive interview with The Post, Rev. Dr. Leslie, popularly known as Prophet Leslie, said, a number of reasons accounts for the mysterious and sudden deaths of pastors recently.

According to the Man of God, the problem of division in the church has opened a gateway for the enemy to come in and snatch men of God. He emphasised on the point that lack of unity is what is killing the church in Cameroon. To him, unity is strength.

“It is so sad to know that we have lost over 65 pastors in the past two months, and this has really shaken the church. Several reasons account for these deaths, but what I will like us to understand is that the absence of unity in the church has contributed greatly. Today, a Presbyterian says this, a Baptist says that, and others say this or that; ‘we don’t have anything to do with you.’ How then do you want love to lead?” he quipped.

“The pastors have been victims of the disunity in the body of Christ, because, the church is not united. Christians fight among themselves and pastors even criticise and fight against pastors. This is not good. This has opened the door for the enemy to come in.”

Apart from the disunity in church, Rev. Dr. Leslie said, since the church is an obstacle to the powers of darkness that have been installed in many countries, including Cameroon, people with malicious intentions have thought it wise to deal with the shepherds so that the flock can scatter. In that line, he indicated that pastors have been the target, given that, major satanic alters have been installed in Cameroon with an agenda to keep Cameroonians in bondage, poverty and suffering.

The Man of God also said pastors are supposed to go for medical check-ups, eat, sleep and rest well.

“Pastors are supposed to take their medical check-up seriously. Science has proven that one hour of pulpit preaching is equal to eight hours of office work. They need to rest because, while preaching, they are working mentally, physically and spiritually. Without proper medical check-up, they end up dying of stress,” Rev. Dr. Leslie said.

He also pointed out that the church, with some pastors, decided to involve evil with the on-going crisis in the Northwest and Southwest and as a result, there is a backlash of evil powers.

To remedy the situation and work toward the path of righteousness as stated in the Bible, the Man of God said the church needs to understand the purpose of unity and power of love. He stressed that the Government can’t do anything to solve the problem, because, it is beyond their powers.

“I would appeal to the Government to do anything because this is beyond them. The problems of our society are manifested in morality and spirituality and remarkably resistance to Government efforts. The church needs to come together. If the church understands the purpose of unity and power of love, it is a major step coming out from this calamity,” he said.

Insisting that the problems of this country are bigger than the Government, he pointed out that the church is the sole foundation.

“The church must be involved in all the seven mountains and spheres of the society, including politics. The government needs to bring the church closer to them. The church preaches righteousness and the Bible says it all, righteousness exalts a nation. God is involved in leadership and when the righteous rule, there is joy in the city,” he maintained.     

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