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Kumbo Bishop Issues Directives To Curb Coronavirus Spread

by Atlantic Chronicles
Bishop George Nkuo Nkuo, visiting IDPs in Kumbo


The Catholic Diocese of Kumbo has taken some precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in catholic churches.

The information is contained in a release signed Tuesday, March 17 by the Bishop of kumbo, his Lordship George Nkuo.

According to the Outspoken Bishop, “prevention is better than cure,”. The prelate went on to decree some measures which catholic churches in Kumbo are to henceforth adopt.


1. The use of Holy Water Fonts in our Churches and public places shall be suspended till further notice.

2.  At concelebrated Masses, only the Main Celebrant kisses the altar, while the rest of the concelebrants bow.

3. The greeting with hands during the time for the sign of peace at Holy  Mass is suspended for the time being. The sign of peace will be exchanged by a wave, a smile or a simple nod of the head.

4. Holy Communion, for the time being, shall be received on the hand only.

5.   Concelebrants at Eucharistic Celebrations are henceforth advised to receive the Most Precious   Blood by extinction.


6.  Priests, Deacons and all extraordinary ministers of  Holy  Communion should practice good hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly with soap and pure water before and after  Mass and use a hand sanitizer before and after the distribution of Holy  Communion.

7. We are to wash our hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and pure water or use hand sanitizer before and after using our hands.

8. Persons with flu-like symptoms or who are feeling sick are encouraged not to go to Mass or other church gatherings.

The Bishop made these recommendations at a time when Cameroon’s Minister of public-health announced the 10th case of coronavirus in the country since the outburst in December 2020, in China.


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