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How I Got The President’s Speech Wrong, As Many Other Anglophones Too- Prof. James Arrey Abangma

by Atlantic Chronicles

We hold someone accountable for what the person promises to do but fails to do. President Biya had not said the National Dialogue is intended to solve what has come to be known “The Anglophone Problem”. To him, and his Anglophones spokespersons, the “Anglophone Problem” does not exist. Measures against Anglophone marginalisation have been taken care of with the appointment of the PM from Anglophone Regions. Thus, the claim that there exists an Anglophone problem is baseless.


However, like any other groups in the country, Anglophones may have some worries that in the context of national unity and through the CPDM platform can be addressed. This necessitated the call for a “National Dialogue,” not a “Dialogue with Anglophones”. That is where I got it wrong in my first impressions about the speech. That is where the outcome of the dialogue may be a disappointment to many Anglophones who would be tempted to say that the President did not keep to his words. That is where those who think the armed groups, the diaspora, Southern Cameroons leadership, Ambazonians, and think tanks of Anglophone autonomy are not consulted, or that a general amnesty has not been  granted, would be disappointed.

Those Anglophones who think they would have a repeat of the Foumban to right the wrongs of the past may have to wait!


The outcome of the dialogue, therefore, will not be the design of the PM, but that of the President.

“There is no Anglophone Problem”, has been echoed many times, and most strongly by Minister Atanga Nji. Anglophones must understand the position of the State in the National Dialogue.

The possible outcome can be deduced from the demands of CPDM elite such as:

1. Ten states Federation under the unitary system. This will have regional assemblies (of Chinese model);

2. Regional Governors appointed by the State and perhaps an elective official of the people;

More, as demands keep flowing in!!!


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