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GCE 2021 Session Starts Hitch-free, Registers More Candidates

by Atlantic Chronicles

The written session of the 2021 session of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education, GCE kicked off successfully over the national territory.

But for some unsuccessful attempts at some centres in the crisis hit zones, the 2021 session of the GCE is going on smoothly.  

In some major centres around some subdivisions in the city of Yaounde, candidates could be seen busily carrying one thing or the other in the various school campus.

At the Mevick Bilingual Grammar School located in the Etoug-Ebe neighbourhood, serenity and strict respect of barriers measures against COVID-19 were noticed.

Going by the Principal, Prince Daniel Besong, apart from latecomers, only very few absences were recorded in both sections of the examination. The centre is hosting close to 1000 candidates in the Ordinary and Advanced Level. To him, candidates kept to the rules and regulations of the exam.

“The written session of the GCE started very smoothly with the administration taking strict measures to ensure that barriers are respected. There is also security in the school and everything done to have a smoothly written session. The centre is hosting two schools and we have close to 1000 candidates,” Prince Besong said.  

The situation at GBHS Etoug-Ebe and other nearby centres in the Yaounde VI subdivision was not indifferent as the wearing of facemasks was accompanied by a restricted number of students in classrooms. Security was also stepped up.

Prof Leke Tambo, GCE Board chair

Secondary Education Minister Satisfied With Kicked Off

In the meantime, Prof. Pauline Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary expressed satisfaction after visiting four examination centres in Yaounde. The Minister indicated that it was a tradition that was reassured.

“My impressions are just very good. I will put it in one sentence, the tradition was reassured. That is to say that the English-speaking has its tradition as far as examinations are concerned. This is the tradition we are seeying displayed. All are starting at the same time and finishing at the same time,” Minister Nalova said.

She added that “We could say that even before we came, children were settled in their classrooms, they had water to wash their hands, and facemasks on. They are all doing their best to observe the barrier measures while writing.”

Accommodation centres that welcomed the Minister of Secondary Education include Government Bilingual Practicing High School, English High School, Government Bilingual High School Etoug-Ebe and Government Technical High School Yaounde.

At each stop, the Minister took interest in COVID-19 measures and the maximum number of candidates that are in each classroom. The Minister also listened to the challenges faced by these centres.

Number Of Candidates Increase As Of 2021 Session

Candidates in examination session

More than 170,483 candidates are sitting in for the 2021 session of the Cameroon GCE examination. According to reports, the number of candidates has increased as compared to the 2020 session.

As far as the GCGE Ordinary Level is concerned, 93,643 candidates are sitting in for 2021 as compared to 85795 in 2020. The current session has witnessed an increase of 7,668 candidates.

At the Advance Level Session, an increase of 2254 candidates been registered, given that 13, 263 are currently writing as against 11,009 during the last session. The TVEE Intermediate and Advanced Level examination have also witnessed an increase. There are 336 accommodation centres. This year, there are also also some 97 TVEE centres.

Reports from the different regions especially from the English Regions of the Northwest and Southwest region indicate that there has been a significant increase in the number of candidates.

In the Northwest Regions, school authorities say the number of candidates who sat the Ordinary Level exam this year has moved from 14,000 to over 20,000 candidates in 50 examination centres. In the Southwest Region, some 37,287 Candidates are sitting for the exams. In all, the 2021 session has seen an increase of 16, 334 candidates.

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