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Ekona Women Protest Forces Military To Free 30 Detained Youths

by Atlantic Chronicles
Protesting Ekona women camped at the Buea Independence Square, waiting for Buea Military authorities, and Southwest Governor to make a statement

By Njodzeka Danhatu 

Some 30 youths who were arrested from Ekona a few kilometres away from the Southwest Capital City of Buea have been freed, VOA has reported.

They were released a day after Ekona women on Wednesday, February 15 stormed Buea, protesting and demanding the release of their children.

The women had told AC that their children were unlawfully arrested following several raids carried out in the Community by the Cameroon Military.

Aside from detaining these children, the military equally barred their mothers from visiting and feeding them in detention.

These, coupled with the killing of a certain Obini Felix in Ekona forced the women to protest on the street of Buea. While protesting at the Buea Gendarmerie Legion, the DO of Buea, Abba Abdourahaman, alongside other administrative officials pleaded with the women to be calm while the situation was being looked into.

The women had told AC that they were being harassed by the military all the time and that their children could no longer feel free.

The release of these 30 youths on Thursday, brought excitement and jubilation among the women. However, some others are still held back at the Buea gendarmerie Legion command centre. They are being interrogated on suspicion of links with separatist fighters operating in the area.

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