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CRM Militants Defy Military Artillery, Demonstrate

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Despite Government heavy military artillery deployed to the various Regions to foil the planned protest march initiated by the Cameroonian Renaissance Movement, CRM, the party’s militants still took to the streets to vent out their frustrations for the Biya Government.

In all the Major roundabouts in Yaounde, armoured cars and water canon vehicles were stationed ready for protesters.

Besides armoured cars and water cannons, the situation at the Yaounde Central town was different as security cameras were stationed to monitor any rallying by CRM militants.

A stand-by drone was available to ensure that nothing happens in the city.

Armed forces were also drafted in to ensure that the Presidency is secured.  The house of Kamto was heavily militarised, while some top officials of the party were arrested.

Even though the streets were not jammed to capacity like previous demonstrations, CRM militants still defied the military paraphernalia and went out.

However, the military presence also deterred other militants.

“I am scared at what can happen. I have asked my family to stay indoors. Yesterday, I bought enough food so that if something is happening, my family will be fine. I don’t know if all the deployment is only against the CRM party officials or against Cameroonians,” Peter Tih said.

To Elvis, “I don’t see any need going to work today because it is frightening. My taxi work can wait until things go back to normal. There are better ways to solve issues rather than frightening civilians with all the heavy military equipment stationed outside.”

In a press release signed by the Secretary-General of the party, Barrister Christopher Ndong, over 100 militants were arrested along those who were shot dead.

The communiqué states that militants came out in Yaounde, Douala, Nkongssamba, Bafang, Sangmalima, Maroua and Bamenda.

The party Scribe, however, condemned the arrest of CRM militants and called for unconditional release of all arrested.

A release from the Northwest Region had earlier indicated that there was no public gathering in the Region. The release had indicated that the images circulating on the social media were old and from individuals who had hidden agendas.

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