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COVID-19 Cases In Cameroon Hit 193

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

Cameroon has recorded 193 cases of COVID-19, Public Health Minister has tweeted.

Dr. Manouda Malachie revealed the figures on Tuesday, March 31.

The additional new cases, going by the Minister’s report, came from 94 travellers who were quarantined in Hotels in Yaoundé.


Out of these travellers, Cameroon’s minister of Public Health said: 51 were tested positive, 19 doubtful to be taken back, and 24 negatives.

The new cases pushed up the figures of Covid-19 to 193 in the oil-rich country.

The figures may likely increase, but at the time of this report, (March 31, 20202), official statistics stood at 193.

While announcing the figures, MINSANTE Boss urged Cameroonians to protect themselves by “staying at home, as long as possible”

“To protect yourself and others, let us be responsible. Respect the rules of hygiene and go out only if it is really necessary” he said.

As figures are increasing in Cameroon, global figures are also rising. The latest statistic according to Worldometer shows that Coronavirus Cases stand at 803,528, Deaths: 39,039, Recovered: 172,426.

The United States of America is the highest with 164,665 cases, 3,177deaths, and 5,507 recovered cases.

As of March 31, the number recorded deaths as a result of Covid-19, in Cameroon stood at six. So far, five patients have recovered.


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