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Celebrated Young Publisher, Cham Victor Bags Award From UB’s JMC Dep’t

by Atlantic Chronicles

Cameroon’s emerging and celebrated young  and  dynamic media entrepreneur, Cham    Victor Bama  who is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief  of  Municipal Updates daily  newspaper has  received  a  distinction for  his  exploits  in journalism. The recognition  was handed  to Cham during  a ceremony to  mark the  2022  edition  of  the World Press   Freedom  Day   on the campus  of the  University of    Buea,  UB on May 3, 2022.

The recognition came from the Department  of   Journalism  and   Communication,  JMC, University of Buea. The Dean  of  the  Faculty  of  Social  and Management  Sciences, FSMS   of  UB,    Prof Emmanuel    Yenshu    handed  the    award    to    Cham Victor. Speaking  at  the  ceremony,  the  Head  of  Department, HOD,  of  JMC,  Prof    Kingsley  Lyonga  Ngange  noted that  the  department  was  proud  to  have  groomed  Cham whom  he  described  as  a    young, vibrant  and  daring Media  personality.    Cham was  part  of  the  2016 batch of  students  of    JMC  . “There  is  no  gain  saying  that  Cham  Victor  Bama, is one  of  the  daring Cameroonian  journalists  who  has fought  his  way  through  hard work  to  the  top”,  he  said.

Cham Victor (R) displays his award next to JMC’s Dr Lizie and Elie Smith

Prof    Ngange  said,  Cham  runs  Municipal  Updates Daily  both  in  French  and  English  and  The  Chronicle Times, all widely  read newspapers. Speaking  to  the  press, Cham  Victor  Bama  expressed gratitude  to  the  department  of  JMC  for  singling  him out  and  recognising  excellence. While  launching  The  Chariot  Magazine,  Cham announced  a  couple  of  good  news  for  JMC.  He  said he  shall    subsidised  the  printing  of  the  Chariot Magazine  at  75%  discount.    He  also  said,  the JMC 2016  batch  will  sponsor  three  students  yearly  in  JMC. This  recent  recognition  only  adds  to  several  awards already  won  by  Cham  Victor  Bama  who  is  also described  by  colleagues  as  an  innovative  journalist. His  father  and  mother  were  part  of  the  emotional colourful  ceremony  as  they  watched  their  son  singled out  in  Celebration.

Who is Cham Victor Bama?

Born on September 7 1990, he attended St Jerome Catholic Primary school Weh in Menchum Division. He also went to Government Technical High School Wum and obtained the CAP certificate, GCE certifications and the Probatoire and Baccalaureate certificates respectively.

In 2010, he was among best students in the Baccalaureate exams with an “Excellence” performance.

In 2007, he was elected Divisional President of Association of Young Communicators for Menchum; 2009- Elected Pioneer member of the National Youth Council; 2008 became Commonwealth and PAVIS pilot trainee on good governance and leadership;2010 trained as Community health communicator in Bamenda; 2011 passed the Entrance exams into ENS Bambili where he read Information Management and Communication. Cham is one of the rising figures in Cameroon’s media landscape.

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