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Buea Prison Riot: List Of Killed, Wounded, Untreated Inmates, Missing Corpses

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Andrew Nsoseka

On July 23, the Buea Central Prison witnessed a protest which resulted in the killing of inmates, as well as the injuring of scores of others.

In a statement relating to the prison protest in Buea which followed that of Kondengui in Yaoundé, the Government, through its spokesman, Emmanuel Rene Sadi, maintained that no lives were lost, and that the few wounded were taken to hospital.


We have learnt from a variety of sources, that scores were wounded in Buea, tortured, held in solitary confinement, and later released and chained, without giving them the needed medical treatment. We have also learnt that at least four were killed, three bodies are unaccounted for. Other dependable sources within the prison, say the death toll was above 10.

Lawyers defending the detainees in question have also been denied access to their clients. There are also threats on lawyers investigating the whereabouts and conditions of their clients at the Buea Central Prison, after the prison mutiny.

As part of investigations into what really transpired at the Prison, we have acquired the list of 76 wounded and untreated inmates, the deaths recorded, as well as the missing corpses.


Buea Central Prison Detainee’s Protest Of July 23, 2019
Some of the detainees who were shot with live ammunition, injured, and killed during the protest.
1. Onuwel Rame
2. Musango Louise Njie
3. Ngu Yanick
4. Ekolle Epie Antony
5. Chamanga Destene
6. Disco T Peter
7. Budi Diland Bright
8. Melong Silas
9. Anode Opel
10. Buche Roger
11. Epie George
12. Epie Anthony
13. Njume Denis
14. Tangi Eric
15. Aga Omega
16. Wanki Charles
17. Mola Njie
18. Ekwe Darlington
19. Chi Louis
20. Enongene
21. Ntoko Eliajah
22. Dominick Eta
23. Sakwe Henry
24. David Samuel
25.  Neba Eugine
26. Njemon Nedrick
27.  Buma Alfred
28. Njeck Veness
29. Moka Steven
30. Loise Njie Musango
31. Bryan
32.  Situng Richard
33. Nana Betrand Mboa Clement
34. Njingfact Vincent
35. Lijuke Joseph
[myAds] 36. Adeh Penuel
37.Afor Bronu
38. Ekoko Kingston
39. Mendi Dickson
40. Enyingangt Johnson
41. Ukanga Frankline
42.  Kum Robert
43. Bem Bless
44. Afo Serge
45. Aning Alain
46. Echa Noir
47. Tayong Innocent
48. Efuba Fritz
49. Amikeng Atabong
50. Sylvester Abesu
51. Mafani Johnson
52. Tem Levis
53. Alihze Discat
54. Efamba Mathais Micheal
55. Batche Stanley
56. Dione Henney
57. Kidd Alian
58. Ebako Francis
59. Bertand David
60. Mbochafi Benn Lyttle
61. Abako Francis Aztah
62. Alihze Discat
63. Nehem Miah
64. Dione Henney
65. Ngeh Nelson
66. Mounchou Derick
67.  Shy Rolland
68. Fotsy Lionnel
69. Thuma Youmbe Paul Karzeng
70. Ehabe Sone
71. Mola Ngale Abegi
72. Hanga Oniga
73. Opeh Manje
74. Njume Denise
75. Nshom Precious
76. Egbe Genessis


1. Pa Gerald Njie (60 years) presently deposited at the Buea Regional Hospital Mortuary
Missing Corpses
2 Amougou Frank Joel
3 Eni Effiong
4 Still to get the name……………….


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