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Art Prodigy, Tiafack Takes Decisive Swerve Into Professional Career

by Atlantic Chronicles

Tiafact M. Tongka, a talented young artist, on Sunday, November 1, after exhibiting some of his artworks, principally pencil drawings, announced that he is taking a full swing into the field of pencil arts and painting.

The young artist stated that the exhibition of his art was to serve as his own ordination into the field which he had dabbled into earlier in his life, but had not taken a full commitment to focus and develop it. “I have been doing many things; I have done a lot of drawings and paintings. Today is my ordinations and after this I will draw and paint like I have never done before,” Tiafack told his audience at the art exhibition in Buea, promising that his work will no longer just end at sketches.

At the exhibition in Buea, the young artist also revealed that he has mentored over 50 young artists, some of who were present at the exhibition. He stated that he encourages and ensures that his trainees all do arts with an African touch and originality. He stated, to the amusement of listeners at the exhibition, that all those who came to learn, and had foreign-sounding names as those to be used in signing their arts, all had to be changed to reflect African originality.

Speaking at the art exhibition, Actor and Director, Anurin Nwunembom, lauded Tiafack for his works, stating that the young prodigy is exceptionally talented, and that through his originality, his works can make a good name and be enjoyed by people all over.

The young artist stated that he has not been making maximum use of his skills. “I have always felt like I am not making use of my full potential. So now, there is a wind of change in me now, and I have decided that all the other drawings I have done were just training and now, it is time for me to get into the field and work,” he said.

On how he has mapped out his professional career, Tiafack stated that he has enjoyed a lot of support from the Ideal Theatre Troupe, and with the experience gained, he intends to start an art gallery. He said, through the gallery, he intends to create art that people in Buea and other places will come to see and enjoy. On how he intends to make a living from his work, Tiafack stated that a lot of people have shown interest, by ordering or purchasing some of his works. “Of these 11 works you see today, eight are already sold,” he said.

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