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After Ngarbuh Massacre: Military Allegedly Kills 15 In Babanki

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) At least 15 people, including women and children, have allegedly been killed in Small Babanki, Mezam Division.

The incident is said to have happened around 3.00 am on Saturday, February 29.

Social media sources say Tungo, Timenshu, and Chuka were greatly affected.

Unconfirmed statistics reveal that five women, four children, and six men were killed in the operation.

It still remains unclear why the attack was carried out. But some sources have attributed it to be retaliation from the military after it was believed that some elements of the armed forces were killed by Amba fighters in that area.


Another version holds that, while the civilians were being assassinated, some nine Separatist fighters were also killed.

Pictures of the corpses of men, women, and children in Small Babanki allegedly killed, went viral on social media.

The Small Babanki incident comes barely two weeks after the military was accused of killing women and children in Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw, Donga Matung Division, still in the Northwest Region.

For crosschecking, we called the Spokesperson of the Military, Colonel Atonfack Guemo on phone, over four times, but he wouldn’t answer the calls.

The Post Newspaper, reported on its Monday edition, No 02075, that it contacted the Bamenda “Divisional Delegate of Communication working closely with Brigadier General Valere Nka, Madam Mbasang, but she refused to divulge any information. She, however, admitted that there were killings in Babanki.”

The Delegate reportedly said: “Since it is for publishing, I don’t want to give what I am not sure of. I can give information to whomsoever, but the problem is, why will your correspondent in the Northwest Region, who is also a journalist, not go to the field and report, instead of giving but my number.  I really don’t have vital information that can be of publishable tendency. It is good that your correspondent goes to the field and really does fact-finding and sends it to you. It is not difficult. I learned that there was an incident in Babanki yesterday morning. It is only on Monday that, when I get to the office, I will give you the real facts. I don’t want to give scattered facts.”

Babanki has been hard hit by the Anglophone Crisis that has gone on for close to four years now.

The war has seen thousands killed and hundreds of thousands displaced as refugees.


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