Time For Cameroon To Revert To Monopartism?

By Isidore Abah, (Originally published by The Post Newspaper, Cameroon.) (Buea-Cameroon) Apologists of the New Deal Government have always prided Cameroon as an Advanced Democracy and a model for other […]

Where Are The 500,000 Jobs, Mr. President?

(Buea-Cameroon) During his February 10 speech to Cameroonian youths, Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya said he created 500,000 jobs for the youths in the modern sector in 2019 alone. Many observers […]

‘Honneur Et Fidélité’

By Isidore Abah (Buea-Cameroon) Honour and fidelity is the mantra of Cameroon’s valiant defence forces. These words are always chanted by our corps during important ceremonies: “Honour and fidelity to […]

Stop The Holocaust!!!

By Isidore Abah (Originally Published by The Post Newspaper, In Cameroon) Our forebears must be kow-towing in utter disgust at the exponential rate at which the country, which they once […]