CRM Militants Defy Military Artillery, Demonstrate

Despite Government heavy military artillery deployed to the various Regions to foil the planned protest march initiated by the Cameroonian Renaissance Movement, CRM, the party’s militants still took to the streets to vent out their frustrations for the Biya Government.

Ewumbue Monono Churchill receiving blessings from men of God, and kinsmen

Great Soppo Village, Fako Division Shower Blessings on Pioneer Ambassador

Saturday, September, 5, 2020 will remain fresh in the minds of Great Soppo Village (Berlin) and Fako Community, as the day they communed with one of theirs, Ewumbue Monono Churchill who was recently appointed Cameroon’s Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Permanent Representative of Cameroon to the AU and UNECA.

Gov’t Consoles Comfort Tumasang’s Family

One week after alleged separatists beheaded Comfort Sirri Tumasang, the Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office, Confiance Ebune, braved the security odds to Muyuka, Fako Division, Southwest Region, where he assured the victim’s family of Government support.

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MINCOM Debunks COVID-19 Funds Embezzlement Allegations

According to the Secretary-General of MINCOM, his ministry received FCFA 100 million out of FCFA 300 million they requested. Prof. Felix Zogo stated that the amount was raised to FCFA 420 million by a Prime Ministerial decree in relation to financial allocations to institutions concerned with Government strategy to fight Covid-19.

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Kumbo Mayor Launches Holiday Classes, Campaign For Return To Normalcy

The Mayor of Kumbo Council, Dr Venasius Mborong, has in a tour in Kumbo, urged denizens to strive for a return to normalcy, for children to return to school, parents to resume their business and agricultural activities, so that Kumbo as a whole, can gain back its fame and prestige as the epicentre of Cameroon’s excellence in education.

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You Have All Failed, Fru Ndi Tells Ambazonia Leaders

“I have seen the Government you people have formed in the diaspora, until you guys bring yourselves together, you are fighting a lost war. Your directives are not coordinated, Amba boys no longer listen to you… and when they do, your infighting abroad is transferred to the ground and Amba boys are killing themselves,”