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Major National Dialogue in Cameroon

  • In the compendium, the Committee to follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue notes that “Since 2016 when corporate claims morphed into civil disobedience acts in the North West and South West Regions, the government elected to address the issues raised through Dialogue. It is in this regard that ad-hoc commissions in both the educational and legal sectors were created, meetings were organised and actions taken to address the concerns presented by the corporate bodies,” it says.

  • One year after the Grand National Dialogue, it is difficult to blame those who believe that the glass that was half-full is now emptying. It is worth recalling, so that no one ignores it, that the organisation of the GDN was dictated by the crisis in the two regions of the North-West and the South-West and that it was about putting together a series of recommendations that could bring peace to these parts of our national territory. One year later, can we say that the goal has been achieved?