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Meet Cameroonian Afro-pop Hit Maker, Tzy Panchak

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Etah Tambe Nyenti aka Tzy Panchak is a 30-year-old Cameroonian Afro-pop Musician. Born in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, Etah Tambe has become one of Cameroon’s Afro-pop sensations, admired by many in and out of Cameroon.

Even though a graduate of the University of Calabar, Nigeria with a Bachelors degree in Computer Sciences, Tzy Panchak has opted not to pursue a career in what he studied in school, but in music.

After returning to the country, the 30-year-old came out with his 2015 cover of Kiss Daniels “woju” which he dubbed “Mado”. The track was roundly acclaimed throughout Cameroon and other parts of the world.

The cover positively affected his career by increasing his popularity and respect as an artist across the board from critics to fans.

His soulful voice and passionate expressions in his own unique style as well as his long stay in Nigeria greatly influenced his genre of music.  This has helped shape his perspective on the various subjects Tzy Panchak sings about and has made him one of the formidable forces to reckon with in the Cameroon music industry.

According to him, “I draw inspiration from God, Love stories, friends, family and of course the fans.”

Tzy Panchak is also fast gaining grounds as the voice of the people due to his diverse genres of music. He was the first to release a track in memory of the victims of the Eseka train tragedy that occurred in 2016. While working on his new album (Chief Tambe), which will be release soon, Tambe thinks it is time to leave a legacy that others will respect and follow. That is why he has embraced the youths.  

Within a short period of time and due to his skill, work ethic, exposure and composure, Tzy Panchak in 2016 landed a lucrative record deal with the North American based record label, Blu Nation Recording and Entertainment.

He has succeeded to do something very few Cameroonian artists have been able to do. He has created a massive international presence across the United States of America, UK, Europe, UAE and also across Asia. 

The ambitious singer, who has set his goals high and hopes to conquer the world stage, has in five years achieved a lot in his credit. Crowned best in Collaboration category in the Balafon 2019 Awards, Tzy Panchak among other achievement became the first African artist to headline an Afrobeat concert in South Korea.

Apart from being the first Cameroonian artist to perform at the Echo stage in Washinton DC, Tzy Panchak was again at the summit when he emerged as best male artist in the Green Light Award in 2017.

In fact, passion is a big driver for the artist; if you listen to any of his songs or watch his performance, it is clear he enjoys what he does and that feeling itself is contagious! Working day and night Tzy Panchak has promised to provide his fans with one of the best music ever produced in Cameroon.

On the many conflicts going on in Cameroon, Tzy Panchak is of the opinion that love is the only thing that can solve all the problems in Cameroon. According to him, “No matter how much hurt we bring to our people, love is will always prevail. Killing one another won’t help us. It is time we learn to love one another, stand together and empower each other.”

To the budding artist, the star said “humble yourselves and do not be in a hurry to make it happen. Take your time and plan your music. It does not just happen in one day. Cameroonians can make it if they are united. I believe the time has come for us to unite and make Africa respect us.”

Etah Tambe Nyenti is not only an artist but a performer, vocal coach, and a song writer.

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