Women, Children Not Spared In Ngarbuh Gruesome Massacre

Locals Accuse Military, Vigilantes, Herdsmen of Murdering 38 MINDEF Says “Cameroon’s Defence Forces are Not Involved” Again, the Anglophone community in Cameroon has been struck by another gruesome massacre allegedly […]

Where Are The 500,000 Jobs, Mr. President?

(Buea-Cameroon) During his February 10 speech to Cameroonian youths, Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya said he created 500,000 jobs for the youths in the modern sector in 2019 alone. Many observers […]

GFDLP Trains Journalists, CSOs On Peace Building

(Buea-Cameroon) The Global Forum for the Defence of the Less Privileged, GFDLP, has schooled over 50 media practitioners, members of Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, youths, and local leaders, in the […]

‘Honneur Et Fidélité’

By Isidore Abah (Buea-Cameroon) Honour and fidelity is the mantra of Cameroon’s valiant defence forces. These words are always chanted by our corps during important ceremonies: “Honour and fidelity to […]

Stop The Holocaust!!!

By Isidore Abah (Originally Published by The Post Newspaper, In Cameroon) Our forebears must be kow-towing in utter disgust at the exponential rate at which the country, which they once […]