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JMC Batch Of 2006 Births Union, Elects Pioneer Leaders  

by Atlantic Chronicles

JMC batch of 2006 and some staff of the department

The University of Buea’s Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC batch of 2006, has named its first executive bureau. This was during an Annual General Meeting that brought the batch mates together in Buea. The bureau is expected to guide the former JMC students in their activities for unified action aimed at contributing to the growth of the JMC Department in the University of Buea.

This decision was arrived at during the batch’s first ever Annual General Meeting in Buea on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

The gathering was graced with the presence of the Head of Department of JMC, Prof. Kingsley Ngange accompanied by other staff of the Department like Funge Diffang, Dr Moki Stephen and Divine Besong.

Addressing all present, John Paul Nkwain, one of the JMC 2006 batch students said the Annual General Meeting was a baby step intended to introduce them to a wider arena of initiatives and activities. All these, he noted, are meant to among other things, give back to the Department that served as a foundation for them all.  

During deliberations to set up the functioning of their union, the ex-students set an annual registration fee of FCFA 2,000 per member, with June 2022 being the deadline for payment of this year’s fee.

It was agreed that a solidarity fund be set up too, to facilitate the body’s actions. The solidarity fund will be funded by members with a base fee of FCFA 25,000 each. The fund is also intended to be used to cater for members in case of loss of a first degree relative, birth, illness and hospitalisation, death and weddings.

During the meeting, the JMC 2006 batch mates also came up with bylaws meant to regulate their functioning, duties and responsibilities. John Paul Nkwain was voted president of the national chapter, and Vera Fon, his deputy. Strong lady, Noela Bisong was elected national Secretary General.

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