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Youths Urged To Leverage Technology To Meet Needs

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Njodzeka Danhatu, Hope Ndah & Eyong-eta Eyong

Some youths in Buea have been told to leverage technology to meet up their needs.

The youths were edified during an Arcadia Talent workshop that held on Saturday, December 19, at the Molyko Omnisport Buea.

The youths were drilled in many things, but looking at the new order, they were told to be technologically driven with regard to their businesses.

At the 7th edition of Arcadia series, holding under the theme: “From crisis to recovery,” young people were urged to focus on entrepreneurship and also generate new ideas to help themselves and their communities.

People with experience in business and who have impacted the lives of others, were brought to facilitate the workshop. One of the facilitators was the CEO of Result Institute, Abah Abdouraman, who is also the Divisional Officer of Buea. In a panel discussion on the art of readiness, Abdouraman said the young people have to be ready because disruption is the new normal as they are stepping into the new world.

“To create the value they want to create, they should know that they have to be ready. They must, first of all, start by doing a self-assessment of themselves”.

Abdouraman added that they have to look at life in a holistic way, that is, by not being disrupted about finance and carreer, rather, they should look for ways to be useful to the world.

Another facilitator was the President of the Centre for Human Right and Democracy in Africa, Barrister Agbor Balla, who said his message to the youth is that of hope. He stressed that the youth are the leaders of today, “… if you have a strong and vibrant youth population, your country can stand the test of time.”

According to the Agbor Balla, despite the problems, the youths should look at the crisis and make the best out of it.

“Take advantage of the situation and make the best out of it,” he told them.

To Marvin Cole, CEO of Ovamba, they are trying to educate young people to overcome challenges, and create jobs for themselves. He said young people need exposure to prosper in certain things. To him, through Arcadia, many people have started their own businesses and are becoming successful.

The youths were asked to be passionate, consistent and rebrand themselves in whatever thing they do.

One of the participants, Justina Mamua, said it was the third time she was attending and, to her, it brings a lot of enlightenment. “I am into a working field and I want to learn a lot from others who have experience already,” she said. She added that she has learnt a lot as compared to when she first started attending the workshop.

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