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The Lord My Shepherd Foundation Donates To IDPs, Orphans, Widows

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Lord My Shepherd Foundation, on Saturday, December 19 donated Christmas gifts and other relief items and food, to orphanages, as well as widows and the internally displaced persons in Tiko, and Douala.

The donations which started from Douala in the Littoral region, ended in Tiko, in the Southwest region, where many of those in need of the items had gathered to receive the much needed gifts from the Foundation.

In Tiko, the Foundation gave out 20 bags of rice, three cartoons of Maggi, 18 bags of salts, seven cartoons of soap, 14 cartoons of vegetable oil, 12 jugs of palm oil, children’s gifts, Christmas greeting cards and others. Similar items were also handed to orphans in Bonaberi Douala, where the Foundation visited Amity Social Assistance Family, where St Arnile Marie Orphanage Centre is.

At the St Arnile Marie orphanage, the Foundation met with the kids, communed with them, sang songs, offered gifts, and were in return, handed a certificate by the orphanage, recognising the Foundation for always reaching out to them.

From Douala, The Lord My Shepherd Foundation team drove to Tiko, where IDPs, orphanages, and widows from around the Tiko Municipality had gathered at Christ The King College- Tiko, to receive the Christmas gifts. The team leader of the Foundation, Seraphine Ebamu Fossong epse Esendege delivered the message from Lateh Peter Forikik to the people, urging them to remain positive, and have hope for better days ahead.

Speaking to the media after the donation, Ebamu Fossong stated that among other things, the Foundation is particularly out to assist the less privilege, provide education to the needy, spearhead rural development, provide emergency relief, support orphans and the vulnerable, advocate for equality, promote gender equality, amongst others.

She stated that their activities have so far taken them to several orphanages, where they have provided food, other household materials, as well as supported the education of the kids. “We have been assisting them financially, we also give them food and medical support. This time around since it is the festive period, our president said they should not be left out. The fact that they are widows, orphans and IDPs does not make them less important. He sent us to come and boast their morale, and make them feel important in the society because they are people who constantly think about their wellbeing.” She said.

The Lord My Shepherd Foundation at St Arnile Marie Orphanage in Douala

On his part Valentine Ndifon, a member of the Foundation and Tiko Coordinator said they rallied over 200 persons, as well as orphanages around. On how the gifts were going to help, he said, “If you live here, you will know the pains they face, some of them are not able to afford a meal a day. This will go a long way to help them. The rice, the vegetable and palm oil, the salt, the maggi, the soap, and others will go a long way to improve their livelihood.” He stated.

On their part, the recipients expressed gratitude to the foundation. Ntwill Arnile Maria Loh of the St Arnile Marie Orphanage Centre in Bonaberi expressed gratitude to the foundation for again, coming to their aid, to help them take care of the many kids under their care. She said the orphanage was created in in 2004 as a thanksgiving for her life, after she went through many medical travails.

In Tiko, the foundation was lauded by locals, for reaching out to them, especially as some are displaced with no jobs and as such, depend on good will of others for survival.   

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