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We Want To Promote Made In Cameroon Products -Les Brasseries GM

by Atlantic Chronicles

The General Manager of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Emmanuel De Tailly, has encouraged young start-up owners in the Southwest Region to be creative, so that big companies like Brasseries du Cameroun can source out and utilise what is made in Cameroon.

He said promoting and using what is made in Cameroon is the company’s initiative which ensures that the country grows, utilises its own in order to grow economically and not depend on products from other countries.

The General Manager was speaking in Buea, during a meeting between the Silicon Mountain community and French business leaders in Cameroon, led by the French Ambassador to Cameroon, HE Christophe Guilhou.  Emmanuel De Tailly was among the powerful French business leaders, who accompanied the French Ambassador to donate some two generators to the Silicon Mountain Tech community in Fako, to help them overcome the problem of frequent power outages.


Speaking to the tech community and leaders of tech hubs in Fako, the General Manager of Le Brasseries du Cameroun told them to have clear visions and plans for their businesses.

“The type of vision you have for your business is very important. Have a good vision, and don’t change it,” he told them.

On the need to be persistent and resilient, he quoted Nelson Mandela, telling the young tech lovers and innovators not to be afraid of not succeeding as envisaged.

“In a business venture, either you succeed or you learn. When you don’t succeed, you learn, and that is very important,” he said.

Emmanuel de Tailly (1st from L), French businessmen and
HE Christophe Guilhou (1st from R) French ambassador to Cameroon

On promoting products made in Cameroon, the GM told the young tech leaders and innovators that Le Brasseries du Cameroun has a policy that encourages raw materials and other production inputs to be made in Cameroon. He regretted that, at times, some raw materials used by the company have to be imported because local production is unable to meet up with the company’s needs. He said Le Brasseries du Cameroun is now at the forefront, encouraging and supporting local producers to produce such raw materials so that the company buys from them, and thus, development will follow since the money will remain in the country.

Talking about the situation of their business in the Southwest Region, the GM regretted that in the cause of the crisis, they had to temporarily shut down certain distribution centres. He promised the tech leaders that when plans to reopen such centres are finalised, the contract to do the tech work will be awarded to them.

On how to plan for the future, he brought in the analogy of the red oceans and blue ocean strategy. With the red oceans signifying overdeveloped saturated markets, and the blue oceans signifying uncontested growing markets, he advised the young leaders to choose the blue oceans. To the GM, young leaders should go for the blue ocean, because that is where the future of tomorrow will be. On the blue oceans of Cameroon, he said the agricultural, tech sectors are among them, and, as such, youths should go into such sectors, so as to determine and work for success in areas where they can best succeed and shape their future, as well as that of Cameroon.


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