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Limbe Food Poisoning: Ebai Family Denies Alleged Teen’s Confession

by Atlantic Chronicles

Samuel Enoh, Member of the Ebai’s Family has denied allegations that a family member confessed to the food poisoning scandal.

The incident under investigation led to the death of three family members and hospitalisation of eight others after the consumption of poisoned corn fufu and vegetables.

In a note written by Mr Enoh a member of the concerned family, on Sunday, August 11, he stated that “Nobody has confessed to putting poison to the food that killed our family members”


This comes a day after information had circulated that at least five suspects (family members) were arrested for having confessed to poisoning the food.

While hoping that justice will take its course after the on-going investigation, Samuel Enoh stated that he “denounce any and every form of mob action directed against my family members”.

He castigated what he termed “evil, and invisible hand” that is manipulating, inciting and causing harm to his family.

A few days ago, three members of Ebai family died and eight others are responding to treatment after consuming food allegedly poisoned with a chemical known as makup uses for killing pests.

Days after the incident, information circulated on social media that the police in Limbe have arrested at least five suspects, among them a teenage girl.

Earlier media reports had claimed that a 12-year-old house aid confessed to the crime. Going by family sources, the information was false.

In the evening of Saturday, August 10, a short video went viral on social media showing Police Officers in front of Ebai’s house ferrying away an aged woman and three teenagers.

Going by Enoh’s write-up, the family alerted the Police who came and took them to safety, after rumours trended on social media that a 12-year-old had confessed to the crime. This was followed by stigmatisation from neighbours and gathering of an angry mob, prompting police to come to the bereaved family’s rescue.

Investigations are still underway to determine the cause of the poison that has so far, resulted in three deaths.


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