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Cameroon’s Manlikeclix: Making the Difference In Fashion Designing

by Atlantic Chronicles

Cameroonian-born fashion designer, Gwei Noel Yengong, best known as Manlikeclix, has risen in the ranks of fashion designing, from his early aspirations, growing up in Bamenda, to actually engaging in his dream profession and occupying an enviable following.

As a result, he has ascended to higher heights, making his designs stand out from a plethora of many. The Cameroonian achiever, now resident in Germany, in the pursuit of his career, has, at some point, represented the African continent in the art of fashion designing.  


Manlikeclix has become an inspiration to the young modern gentleman. From his exploits in his trade, Manlikeclix has risen and is increasingly becoming a motivation for many aspirants in the art of designing and dressing.

“I design, create and establish the job of a creative director for fashion brands and also help public figures with their looks”. He says.

On what inspired him to delve into the art and trade, Manlikeclix said he had always admired unique styles.  “I grow up around my late uncle, Nzante Spee, who was an artist (Painter). Seeing him looking unique inspired me with the ability to be unique and still feel comfortable, so I have always wanted to craft unique outfits that will literally represent my childhood and what I grew up seeing from my uncle”.

Manlikeclix narrates that his career experiences have been exciting, given that he loves what he does for a living, and as such, always has fun doing it.


“My career so far has been extremely exciting; appearing in magazines such as elle.comesquire.com and representing Africa at the Pitti Uomo Men’s fashion exhibition…The feedback I got from my clients has been mostly positive as I serve quality and uniqueness,” he said.

On what he plans to do to create a far-reaching impact on the society, he said his dreams now surpass the level of projecting only his country, as he is rather more focused on representing Africa as a whole.

“My plan is to incorporate and sell the Africa that is never shown on TV; the beautiful Africa. To be able to bring the concept I created called ‘Afro-Fusion Style,’ which is a mix of Afro fabrics and Italian fashion together in one outfit, to the world. I have massively inspired over 90.000 followers both home and abroad with fashion tips and tricks as seen on my Instagram @manlikeclix,” he outlined. To expose his work to potential clients, Manlikeclix flaunts them, mostly using social media, especially Instagram, where thousands see and get in touch with them.  He also showcases his work in his, blog www.thenoelcloset.com


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