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“US, Europe, Those Who Voted For S. Cameroon’s Independence Should Recognise, Arm Ambazonia” – Ikome Sako

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Andrew Nsoseka

Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako, leader of one of the Ambazonia Interim Governments has in a media outing, called on the US, Western Countries, Africa and other countries who voted in favour of Southern Cameroon’s independence, to start recognising the territory as a sovereign nation.

In his January 31, 2023 outing, the pro-independence leader said the war in Anglophone regions is similar to the situation in Ukraine, and as such, the US and other Western powers should put the pressure on the Cameroon government and force it into mediated negotiations backed by world powers. He said the other option would be for other strong states around the world to assist in taking the matter into the International Court of Justice.

Dr Sako’s outing came after the government of Cameroon announced that it had not mandated Canada or any other country to mediate between it and the pro-independence movements under the umbrella of Ambazonia.

In their outing, the Sako team said the government of Cameroon has rejected any honest attempt to engage in any talks aimed ending the conflict in the Anglophone regions. On the Canada talks, they said they did not participate in it because they were shallow and just meant to “give an impression that something is being done”.

On the question of several fronts in the Ambazonia movements, Dr Sako; it is normal and expected in any conflict because all actors will not always agree on every strategy and other issues. He said the excuse that separatist leaders are not united is flimsy, because the various groups and their leaders agree on one important point, which is option to be independent. “Even in South Africa, not everyone belonged to the same group. Even during negotiations, not everyone participated. In our case, there are major credible groups in the movements that any serious person knows. If they negotiate and get the independence we want, all Ambazonians will celebrate. Everyone must not be on the negotiation table. The international community should stop hiding behind the excuse and pretext that there are several leaderships. We are not divided on the goal which is independence”, Sako said.

On what caused the collapse of the Swiss talks, Dr Sako said the Cameroon government pulled away with the excuse that they will talk directly with the separatist, something he says cannot work, because they do not trust the Cameroon government and as such, need a neutral mediator. He said they were surprised that just two weeks after pulling out of the Swiss process, they were again contacted that the Cameroon government wanted to talk again, this time around in Canada. He said the 12 supposed stakeholders sent to Canada from Cameroon were all Anglophones, but for one. To him, the stakeholders sent did not in any way represent Cameroon’s political leadership.

“We are ready to negotiate tomorrow with Cameroon’s political leadership like we did in Foumban. If Cameroon is on the table, we are ready to negotiate at any time. We need a mediator because we don’t trust them, and we know they don’t trust us either. We are not sitting for any private talks”, Sako said.


America Should Force Cameroon to Negotiate- Sako

In his outing, Dr Sako said as the world power and promotor of freedom and democracy, America should use its strong position and power to force the government of Cameroon to negotiate and end the bloodshed.

“Cameroon should be required by America to come to the negotiation table. America should not just ask Cameroon to do something, and leave it at that. America has tools in its tool box like arbitration at the ICJ, targeted sanctions, economic sanctions and others. There should be direct involvement of the US in this process to cause real change through dialogue.

“Like Ukraine, Ambazonia has the right to defend itself. America should consider arming Ambas, if colour is not the issue…We are appealing to the good people of the world who voted for Southern Cameroons independence to come to our aid. We are being killed for simply asking questions”, he said.

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