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Numfor Solange Foundation Donates Computers, Plants Trees At Favour Technical College

by Atlantic Chronicles

Favour Technical and Comprehensive College in limbe II was the happy recipient of some ten computers donated to the school, to equip its Computer Laboratory, by the Numfor Solange Foundation. The Foundation also coordinated the planting of trees in the school.

“We are very thankful to the Numfor Solange Foundation and the Change Agent Incorporated of Japan and other partners to have thought of us and decided to favour our school by coming to donate computers to our school. It is indeed a great joy and a memorable event that will not be forgotten in the lives of the teachers, students, pupils and even in the Community of Limbe II”.

The above was the expression of joy and gratitude to Dr Numfor Solange, founder of the Numfor Solange Foundation and her Japanese partners, Change Agent Incorporated, for the donation of ten laptop computers to Favour Technical and Comprehensive College, Limbe II Sub Division on Wednesday, April 19.


Dr Numfor and staff of Favour inside the school’s computer laboratory after taking a look at the ten new computers

The appreciation was offered on behalf of the Proprietor of the Favour Technical and Comprehensive College and Primary School by the Manager, Olivia Asoh Ambe.

The gift was particularly appreciated because since this school was opened a few years back, they have been teaching computer lessons to their students but their computer laboratory had just one computer. One of the teachers disclosed that the lack of computers was a great handicap because computer lessons require a lot of practical exercises for students or learners to be able to practically learn how to use the computer in carrying out any task that they may be required to use the machine to do with.

“It is my utmost joy to be here with you today to help improve your learning environment and to donate computers that will help to improve your education,” the donor, Dr Numfor Solange said.

Dr Numfor went on to state that she was moved to encourage the young ones through her Foundation to also be able to achieve what she has been able to get through education.

“For the computers that were donated by the Numfor Solange Foundation in partnership with Change Agent Incorporated Japan, our main drive is to improve the computer skills of the young ones. I had the opportunity of gaining these skills while I was in Japan. So it is my pleasure to give back to my country what I have been able to achieve while out there in Japan,” she said.


Students assisting in planting trees for a better environment

Dr Numfor complemented the donation by awarding a brand new computer to Miranda Laggasi, Kelly Masoma, a form four student who emerged as the best Computer student in the school. “I am very grateful to Dr Solanage for this offer,” She said

The Numfor Foundation also drilled the students on a new teaching model known as ‘systems thinking.’

“Systems thinking is a way or a model of solving complex problems in a holistic manner,” Dr Numfor explained. She said this was simply a way of looking at solutions towards daily problems in a holistic manner such as waste management, global warming, computer studies and so on. “We need to look at how all these things impact our lives and the environment we live in.

The donation exercise was laced with the planting of some environmentally friendly trees by the Foundation, the teachers and students of Favour Technical College.

“You know with tree planting, especially with the youths, it helps them to contribute effectively to the preservation and conservation of our environment.”

The Chief of Bureau in the Delegation of the Ministry of the Environment and Nature Protection, Mbotiji Clarise thanked the Foundation for this initiative.

Dr Numfor said their Foundation, with their motto, being “Caring for the environment, empowering one another,” was just two years old. During World Environment Day in October 2022, they distributed trash cans to some localities in the Limbe II Sub Division in a drive to help mitigate the problem of waste disposal and keep the environment clean.

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