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Logidoo Receives $50,000 Grant to Develop AI-Powered Logistics Solutions for Africa

by Atlantic Chronicles

Logidoo, a leading logistics provider in Africa, has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to develop and promote artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the continent’s logistics sector. This funding will empower Logidoo to streamline transport operations and simplify transactions, making logistics across Africa more efficient and accessible for everyone.


“We are thrilled to receive this grant and to have the opportunity to leverage AI to reshape logistics in Africa,” said Tasmir Ousmane, CEO of Logidoo. “This funding will allow us to develop innovative AI solutions that will significantly improve efficiency, transparency, and affordability within the African logistics landscape.”


Logidoo’s vision involves establishing a highly efficient network, slashing operational costs and transit times, and boosting customer satisfaction. These improvements will enable businesses to expand and reach new markets across Africa. The AI focus targets specific areas including intelligent algorithms to optimize delivery routes, reduce travel times and fuel consumption, predictive maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns, and AI-powered tools to automate tasks and make processes easier, ensuring shipments move swiftly.


Tasmir Ousmane, CEO of Logidoo

With these transformative AI solutions, Logidoo has set ambitious targets. They aim to reduce delivery times by 20%, decrease operational costs by 15%, and achieve a 95% on-time delivery rate. Additionally, Logidoo plans to expand its service coverage to 10 new African countries within the next two years and grow its customer base by 50% through improved service offerings. AI will also simplify package handling by allowing customers to photograph packages for instant volume calculation, ensuring they choose the most efficient and cost-effective shipping options.


These innovations will impact Africa, providing faster, more affordable, and transparent transportation solutions. Logidoo’s advancements will make logistics services more accessible, empowering businesses of all sizes and contributing significantly to the continent’s economic growth.


“AI-powered solutions will not only streamline our operations but also drive sustained growth and development across African economies,” added Ousmane. “Our vision goes beyond immediate gains. We believe that AI-powered logistics solutions are key to unlocking the full potential of African economies”


Tasmir Ousmane, CEO of Logidoo

Logidoo believes collaboration is key to accelerating innovation and is open to partnerships to co-develop these solutions, allowing the company to leverage diverse expertise and resources.

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