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“Give Me Room To Do God’s Work”- Ntumfor Halle At 170th Award Reception

by Atlantic Chronicles

Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, receiving the award from PTS’ Dean

By Andrew Nsoseka

After bagging his 170th Award from the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, which aimed to recognise him for his contribution to the training of pastors as well as their wellbeing, legal luminary, peace crusader, anti-corruption crusader and militant of the Church, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, says all he asks for is to be given room so that he can do God’s work, and serve people. He said that is what makes him happy.

He was speaking at a special event that brought together senior pastors of the PCC, alongside stakeholders of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, PTS in Kumba, who came to hand over the certificate of Recognition from the PCC’s Moderator to Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle.

Close friends of Ntumfor and family were also present at the ceremony that took place in his Douala office on June 13, 2023.

Taking the floor to explain why Ntumfor was receiving the award, the Dean of PTS, Rev. Prof. Mbengu David, said, as part of activities to mark the seminary’s 70th anniversary, the Church decided to recognise, in an official manner, those whose support has encouraged the training of pastors, as well as their well-being.

He said that was done alongside the publication of a jubilee magazine, so that the 70th anniversary be celebrated low-key, given that the Seminary is operating in a conflict area.

He said Ntumfor was among the few persons deemed by the seminary and the PCC’s hierarchy to have qualified to be awarded for their contributions to the training and wellbeing of pastors and, consequently, the Church as well.

The Dean said they realised that student pastors who go out on fieldwork always talked about Ntumfor, when they returned to the seminary. “They will often say, ‘We met Ntumfor, he gave me this, he advised me’,” the Dean said, furthering that Ntumfor’s generosity and advice have helped and shaped many pastors in the Church.

He said he had also helped shape young pastors when he came to deliver a keynote address to them at the seminary.

The Dean did not also forget that it was during Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle’s tenure as head of the Christian Men Fellowship, CMF, that the CMF took PTS as a responsibility because, without PTS standing strong and form in training pastors, the Church itself will not function.

He also revealed that, at PTS, there is an award for excellence and morality to reward outstanding pastors in training and encourage them to lead morally upright lives.

The Dean said, since Ntumfor was not available to receive the award alongside others, he received it from the PCC’s Moderator, to hand it over to him afterwards, that it was the reason why he and a team from PTS, alongside senior pastors, had come to Ntumfor’s office.

One of Ntumfor’s long-time friends, Chief Ada Kesi, who was present at the event, described Ntumfor as a very humane and humble person. “He is one of these people that will bow down and apologise to you if he hurts you. He appreciates and likes to be appreciated,” she said. He said Ntumfor is someone who works for everyday people, without discrimination.

In a response delivered after receiving his award, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle said he appreciates the award. He said he will never be perfect, but can’t use that excuse to cause havoc. “God uses me and you, broken vessels to do great things”, he said, while cautioning people not to be rude or overbearing. He said being rude and overbearing hinders success because only respect, and assiduity alongside other virtues attract success.

To Ntumfor, the 170 awards and counting mean nothing to him, because he is rather focused on what will secure him a place in heaven. As such, he urged all stakeholders present, including those in the Church, to give him room and space to serve God’s people and the community. He said, although out of positions in the Church where he has served, he still has the zeal, not to serve in those positions, but to, from his private life, serve the Church and its people.

Ntumfor dedicated his award to all PCC pastors, pastors from other denominations, as well as priests because he said he serves God and not denominations. He urged all to keep fighting hate speech wherever they are because the vice is fast becoming a problem that can bring down society. He urged all to keep God’s greatest commandment, by loving one another, as they love themselves.

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