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ELECAM Official Abducted In Muyuka

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) An official, Ferdinand Aminkeng, identified as working with Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, has been abducted in Muyuka, Fako Division, Southwest Region, by Separatist forces, referred to as Mountain Lions Brigade.

He was captured and taken to a bush on Tuesday, January 21. In a two-minute video circulated on social media, Ferdinand Aminkeng is seen sitting below a large stone with a fighter above, behind him, pointing a sophisticated gun directly at his head.


While the ELECAM Official sat waggling his eyes, there is someone at the background dishing out threats for those who will dare hold elections in “Ambazonia”.

According to the speaker, who claims to speak on behalf of the Fako Restoration fighters, the abduction of Ferdinand Aminkeng is just to set an example to the Yaoundé regime that the February 9 elections will not take place in Anglophone Cameroon, as he revealed that they have combat-ready fighters all over.

“We are sending this message to all the enablers and those who think the elections can hold in Ambazonia. We are no longer in the era of Dane guns, but modern weapons. We have all the logistics and heavy artillery to bring down any La Republique terrorist that is out to secure elections inside Ambazonia.” He said. 

He then reiterated a warning to President Paul Biya that they will bring down anyone that will be out to make sure that elections hold in Ambazonia.


“This video is a warning that before and after the elections, we will bring enablers down. We can withstand any helicopter with our machine guns. We are giving warnings to the entire community that they should stay indoors from February 6 to 11. Anybody, that will violet the law will get the wrath of Ambazonia. That is the rule and we stand by the rules and failure to do will be tantamount to a bullet,” he harped.

The Municipal and Legislative elections are due for February 9. In order to have hitch-free election void of violence, the Government had earlier sent hundreds of troops for reinforcement in the two troubled Anglophone Regions.


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