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Alain Djeumfa Summons 20 Lionesses To Face Ethiopia

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Ekema Njoku M.

The Head Coach of the Indomitable Lionesses, Alain Djeumfa has invited 20 lionesses to play against Ethiopia on August 26 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

After losing to England in the knockout phase of the women’s world cup in France, Coach Djeumfa is now faced with the challenge of qualifying the lionesses to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

This first leg round two qualifiers fixture against Ethiopia will be Cameroon’s first competitive game as they seek for second participation in the Olympics in their history.


A total of 14 locals have been shortlisted coming from Awa FC, FAP, and Louves Minporoff among others, while the remaining six are plying their trade in Europe and America.

Complete List Of Players And Their Clubs

Marthe Ongmahan (Awa FC, Yaoundé)

Annette Ngo Ndom (FAP, Yaoundé)

Carole Mimboe (Louves Minporoff, Yaoundé)

Estelle Johnson (Sky Blue, USA)

Sonkeng Ysis (FAP, Yaoundé)


Brigitte Omboudou (FAP, Yaoundé)

Koesso Magoumkouang (AWA FC, Yaoundé)

Agnes Nkada (FAP, Yaoundé)

Leuko Chibosso (Strasbourg, France)

Catherine Mbengono (Green City, Yaoundé)

Raissa Feudjio (Tenerife, Spain)

Therese Abena (Louves Minporoff, Yaoundé)

Charlene Meyong Menene (Louves Minporoff, Yaoundé)

Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck (FAP, Yaoundé)

Alice Maffo Fonkeu (AWA FC, Yaoundé)

Gabrielle Aboudi Oungene (CSKA Moscow, Russia)

Michelle Akaba Edoa (FAP, Yaoundé)

Michaella Abam (Betis Seville, Spain)

Farida Machia Machia (FC Braga, Portugal)

Mpeh Bessong (Louves Minporoff, Yaoundé)

It is unfortunate that some players plying their trade abroad like Nchout Ajara will miss this first leg due to the fact that her club side has not yet released her and will only do so during the international break period which will commence August 26.

Gaffer Alain Djeumfa may call some of the top players for duty in the second leg if the performances of those called up for the first leg prove futile.


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