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2019 U-17 FIFA World: Etienne Eto’o, Other Foreign-based Players Snubbed

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Ekema Njoku M.

Real Mallorca sensation, Etienne Eto’o, and five other Cameroonians plying their trade in Europe and other foreign countries will not take part in the 2019 U-17 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.   

In the final shortlist made public by Head Trainer of the Curb Lions, Thomas Libih, Eto’o and five other foreign based U-17s have been given a blind eye in respect of a presidential decree signed as law number 2014/384 of September 26, 2014, which states that only home based players must represent Cameroon in international assignments.


Complete List of players and their clubs:

Manfred Ekoi Mekumba:      BEST STAR ACADEMY

Yvan Lafont Tiwa:              FONDATION TAFI

Jacques Bruno Beubap:      EFBC

Toni Wilfried Nang:             AS NGEUG

Francois Benjamin Bere:                 OYILI FC

Fabrice Ndzie Mezama:                   FONDATION TAFI

Severin Jr Essono Ze:            ACADEMY AHALA

Ricky Stephane Ngatchou:              AS FORTUNA


Aoudou Moussa:                  REAL ACADEMY DE NEW BELL

Patrice Ngolna:                                  AS MILET

Amadou Daouda:                 OYILI FC

Ben Hamed Ndongo:                       DAUPHINE FC DE DOUALA

Steve Mvoue Regis:                         AS AZUR STAR

Marc Frank Medou Bella:    APEJES DE MFOU

Gael Jordan Kingue:                        AS MILET

Cyril Loic Onana:                  ACADEMY HALA

Yanick Noah:                                     SAHEL FC

Ismaila Seidou:                                  INTERNATIONAL

Leonel Wamba:                                AS MENOUA

Samuel Bakia Nongoh:        DAUPHINE FC DOUALA

Adrien Arnold Eba:                LEKIE FC DE YAOUNDE

Speaking to Atlantic Chronicles after the publication of this list, sports analyst and commentator, Boris Essono said: “It is a good law to promote home-based players, but prohibiting some of our wonderful talents plying their trade in foreign countries isn’t the best, I think they could say at most 3-5 players should come from abroad. What if these players naturalise in other countries?” he questioned. Another young player sees this law as a good one but also says it should be revisited “Yes it is a good move to support local talent but what of those foreign players who see this as the only scenario to show the world they are patriotic Cameroonians.”

The U-17 tourney is scheduled to kick-off from October 26 through to November 17 and African Champions (Cameroon) are ceded in group E with Spain, Argentina and Tajikistan.


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