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Victor Cham Elected President Of Menchum Journalists Union

by Atlantic Chronicles

Victor Cham, newly elected president of Menchum Journalist Union

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The newly elected President of the Menchum Journalists Union, MEJU, Victor Cham has promised to work towards empowering journalists in peace communication.

Victor Cham made the statement shortly after being voted as President of the MEJU on November 19 in Yaounde.

Speaking to the media after the election, Cham said, besides empowering journalists in peace communication, his team will also work towards creating a conducive working environment between journalists and state actors to foster local development.

“It is a feeling of great joy, but again a feeling of challenge, the challenge to take the Union ahead from its current state. I think it is a great moment in the life of journalism especially as we are getting close to the grassroots,” Cham said.

He added, “…I will work towards empowering capacities of journalists in peace communication, grassroots mobilisation as well as promoting and engaging locals in local development. I will work towards creating communication channels to ensure the four subdivisions of Menchum are well informed of happenings within and beyond their division. There are great opportunities in the offing.

“I will do everything humanly possible to create a conducive working environment between journalists and state actors in order to foster local development. When there is security and tolerance, journalists are bound to operate void of any hindrances,” he added.

He also urged journalists to be optimistic, and also contribute to solving the Anglophone crisis. “90 percent solution to the Anglophone crisis is on us journalists. What I mean is, giving the masses the correct information is the key. Information is power.”

My colleagues should shun fear and manipulation and stand by the truth by telling their respective populations in their divisions of origin the truth about what is affecting us.

Cham believes his election is a breath of hope the union is engaging new energy in bringing to the limelight, the potentials of the division and also promoting social cohesion among them. “We are confident about the new start and we can wish and hope for the best.”

In a congratulatory message, renowned lawyer and frontline peace crusader, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle said, “warm Congratulations to you for your brilliant election as Menchum Journalists Union President. You deserve it indeed. God bless you” Victor Cham is the youngest Cameroonian Publisher and youth leader. He is the publisher of the Municipal Updates and Chronicles Times. The Menchum Journalist Union has been existing since 2015.

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