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Vesseke Ekema, 6-Man Team Set To Rejuvenate Buea Mountain Club

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

By Andrew Nsoseka & Hope Nda

The new Executive Committee, EXCO, of the Buea Mountain Club, BMC, has been voted with Vesseke Ekema as its President, to steer affairs of the Club, and make it better.

The new team, among other things, has promised to revive the once buoyant Buea Mountain Club to its former glory, where people will feel proud to belong and associate.

The new management for Buea Mountain Club was voted during a recent General Assembly meeting of members of the Club.

Alongside Vesseke Ekema (President) is Walter Wilson Nana (Secretary); Henry Nana  (Bar Secretary); Loka Kulu (Treasurer); Barbara Epule (Sports); Samuel Malonge (Sports Asst.); and Mme. Habiba (Honorary Lady).

The new EXCO says they have been engaged in a number of actions to give a facelift to the club, in order to bring BMC to the heights it had reached, when everyone felt the need to belong.

However the lean coffers of the club makes the task ahead difficult for Club President Vesseke Ekema and his management team, said the BMC online platform.

Some club members, cognizant of the difficulties faced in revitalising the once buoyant Club, have been making goodwill donations to support the new EXCO restore the club to standard.

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