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Military Command Detains Buea Medical Doctor Without Charge

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Andrew Nsoseka

A popular medical practitioner and proprietor of St Joan of Ark Clinic in Malingo, Buea, Dr. Christopher Giddo Fongum, has, for over one month, been languishing in pre-trial detention, after he was arrested for reasons which have not been advanced to the public.

The Doctor, going by a legal team making efforts to free him from the Gendarmerie Legion detention centre in Buea, has been detained without any formal charges brought against him.

At St Joan of Ark Clinic in Malingo, some of its staff regretted that there has been no progress in Dr Giddo’s case. The staff said the Doctor was apprehended by officers driving around in a white Hilux Pickup. Dr. Giddo was snatched when he left his Clinic to drop a file at the Southwest Regional Delegation of Public Health. After his arrest, he was brought back in cuffs to his Clinic by officers who moved into his office and searched it. After carrying out their search in the Clinic, the Doctor was ferried back by the officers who did not give workers a clue of the reason behind the arrest and the impromptu search of the health facility.

Meanwhile, in the quarters, rumours have been spreading alleging that Dr. Giddo is being held on claims that he has treated separatist fighters wounded during clashes with State security personnel. So far, Government authorities have not made any public statement on why the medical Doctor is in custody. Like a host of others, Dr. Giddo is held in pre-trial detention waiting for formal charges to be brought against him.

Alleged Transfer To Yaoundé

It is alleged that Dr. Giddo has been transferred from the Gendarmerie Legion detention centre in Buea to another detention centre in Yaoundé. Contacted on phone to confirm the alleged transfer, Barrister Agbor Balla, who is heading a team of advocates working on the case, told The Post Newspaper that he could not confirm or debunk the transfer claims. Remarking that he has been out of town, Agbor Balla told The Post that his team had been prevented from seeing the detained Doctor.

He also remarked that the military command has, so far, not advanced any reason for detaining Dr. Giddo, even after he has spent over a month in detention.

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