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Meta Students’ Association; Promoting Culture, Education, Solidarity

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Andrew Nsoseka & Didier Vernyuy Yangeh

Meta Students’ Association, MESTA, Buea, has launched a campaign to stimulate its core values, which are to promote education, culture, create a sense of belonging, and encourage solidarity especially among students of the Meta Clan, who are pursuing their education in Buea.

The 20-year-old association, seeks to bring together prospective members and encourages those already in the fold, to forge together for a common good, as they pursue their different educational and other related programmes in Buea, regional Capital of Cameroon’s Southwest region.

“MESTA seeks greater unity and solidarity among Meta youths especially those far from home. For those who are far off, MESTA wishes to create another home far from home”, says Derick Baya, the newly elected Public Relations Officer of MESTA Buea.

Asked about MESTA’s goals and how the association intends to achieve them, Baya stated that “Among the many objectives of MESTA, is cultural preservation, to this, various activities aimed at promoting culture are carried out. The newly voted Executive Bureau for the 2020/2021 academic year under the leadership of Mbanwi Cory set out to achieve the following objectives which include; production of seats for the association, organising seminars and workshops that enable people to know more about their culture and opening up a poultry farm for the association.

“To achieve these goals, the president has opted to implement a “njangi” in the association that will enable us to meet these objectives. Funds will be solicited from well-wishers within our communities.” He said.

In collaboration with other Meta-affiliated organisations like MEYOCUDA, regarded as the elder brother to MESTA Buea holds meetings every third Sunday of the Month, to chart ways forward, on issues that are of interests to the kinsmen and Meta folk in general.

To Baya, the activities of MESTA Buea revolve around culture and practices done back home. In Buea, meetings are chaired in the Meta local language.

On the type of organisation the current MESTA Buea executive bureau is working to realise, Derick Baya stated, “MESTA Buea is an association always ready to improve itself. Greater solidarity and engagement from members is what we want to see, MESTA Buea is not just an association but a family that look out for each other. Any new member coming in should know that they are coming into a family and not just an association. I am by this calling on all Meta youths and students to join us as we strengthen our cultural ties.” He said.

Baya, however, stated that shortage of finance to carry out most projects and the lack of desire for some Meta youths to belong to the association, are some of the problems faced by MESTA Buea. Baya says to solve these problems, a project whereby members are encouraged to save a token on each meeting day has been launched. Media campaigns have also been launched to sensitise and bring in new members.

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