What U.S. Economic Sanctions Mean For Cameroon’s Ailing Economy

The decision of the US President to cut-off Cameroon from the African Growth and opportunity Act, AGOA, due to continuous human rights violation by the Government will deprive Cameroon of […]

United States Salutes Voluntary Return of Central African Refugees

(Cameroon) The US Embassy in Cameroon has saluted the voluntary return of the first groups of Central African Republic refugees to their country of origin this week, from Cameroon. In […]

US Embassy Condemns Beheading, Dismemberment Of Two Officers In NW, SW

The Embassy of the United States in Cameroon, has issued a formal statement, condemning the brutal beheading of a soldier in the Northwest region of Cameroon, as well as the […]

US Embassy Explains Tibor Nagy’s Concern Over Cameroon

Says Nagy Simply Re-Articulated US Policy On Anglophone Crisis Indicates US Respects Cameroon’s Sovereignty, But At Times Disagrees “And They Are Consequences For Such Disagreement…” Reveals Gov’t Refusal To Demilitarise […]