Explosion In Buea Causes Commotion, Injures Many, Damages Cars

An explosion in Buea’s student residential neighbourhood, Molyko, beside Total fuel station, in the night of Wednesday, November 11, caused commotion, injured many persons and left several cars, within the range of the explosion, with shattered windscreens and glasses.

Wimbum Community In Douala Pledges Unalloyed Support To Hon. Ngala Gerard

“Hon. Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard is a cultural bulldozer with deep-rooted moral values and has always been a driving force and a pillar with us as a community in times of joy and sorrow,” Nformi Joseph said, adding that “we of the (three) clans pledge to stand with, and by him in every endeavour”.

Etombi Foundation: A Humanitarian Outfit Providing Quality Healthcare, Education To Underprivileged Children In Cameroon

Access to quality education and healthcare services throughout the world are fundamental human rights.
But these crucial inalienable rights are still regarded by many in Cameroon as a luxury reserved for a privileged few.
The situation is further compounded by the high rate of unemployment, poverty and misery that have made most families unable to either pay their medical bills or children school fees.

Mass Arrests In Buea: A Well Fashioned Military Extortion Machinery

Whether accused of a crime or not, mass arrest victims are treated the same way; under the guise of fishing out Separatist fighters. Many locals, especially those who cannot afford the bribe, or who refuse to bribe their way out, end up behind bars in police and gendarmerie stations.

Woe Betides A Nation That Feeds On Its Progeny

Angered by the cruel manner in which children were slaughtered on the altar of education, many Cameroonians failed to ask the basic questions about what really happened at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango- Kumba, on October 24.

JMC Department Infuses Peace Journalism Tenets In Students

In a bid to change the narratives, cause a paradigm shift, and make the media a vector of peace, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC, of the University of Buea, UB, at the behest of the Head of Department, Dr. Kingsley Ngange, recently organised a Guest Talk on the theme: The Place of Peace in Crisis Situations.