Kom Fon Celebrates Centenarian Grand Prince, Honours Two Elite

Kom is renowned as a very jealous preserver of its cultural values. It predominantly practices the matrilineal system of succession, and harbours the Afo-A- Kom statue, the statue which first gave fame to Cameroonian culture in 1963.
Foyn Ndzi II, via his envoy, Prince Ngam Nsom, was celebrating a grand Prince of the Kom Kingdom; a man who stands tall in the values of truth, justice, development, peace and unity. To Pa Tom Yong, these would not be simply words, but values upheld in practice, and transferred down to his Bobong community, Kom and the entire society, yet beginning with his 17 children, 49 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. In his usual humility, Tom Yong would cook for his guests and place the pot before them; and you better have the good sense of reserving some for the next unknown guest.

New CBC Executive Committee Promises Truth, Equity, Development

Christians, pastors, administrators of churches and institutions of the Cameroon Baptist Conversation across the nation assembled at Nkwen Baptist Church, Bamenda, on Sunday, January 10, to witness the induction and installation of the new executive committee.

Newly appointed Bishop Bibi talking to the press

Newly-appointed Bishop Bibi Commits To Lead Buea Diocese

Newly-appointed Bishop of Buea, Mgr Micheal Mansue Bibi, has expressed a firm commitment to work with the Catholic community of the diocese which he has served as Apostolic Administrator for a year now.
Bibi was declared Bishop on Tuesday, Jan. 5, during a brief occasion at the Regina Pacis Cathedral in Buea and will be leading the oldest Catholic Diocese in Cameroon.

Attacks, Kidnap, Of Traditional Rulers Heighten In Anglophone Regions

With the escalation of the Anglophone crisis, traditional rulers in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, have continually been targeted by separatist fighters for either supporting a government initiative, or refusing to side with separatists’ agenda, or voting.
Also, traditional rulers seen by the government as weighing more on the separatists’ side of the divide, have been targeted and harassed by government forces. As a result, some have fled their palaces too, for fear of further harassment or prosecution.

Southwest DDR Centre Admits 11 Fresh ‘Ex-Amba Fighters’

Some 11 men were, Wednesday, November 18, at the Southwest Governor’s Office, presented by authorities as Amba fighters who have dropped their guns.
They were presented to the media alongside guns and other weapons like locally fabricated explosives used in fighting

Mass Arrests In Buea: A Well Fashioned Military Extortion Machinery

Whether accused of a crime or not, mass arrest victims are treated the same way; under the guise of fishing out Separatist fighters. Many locals, especially those who cannot afford the bribe, or who refuse to bribe their way out, end up behind bars in police and gendarmerie stations.