December: Of Bush Fallers, Broken Relationships, Fake Marriages & Other Scams

It is the month of December in Cameroon, the period of the year when most Cameroonians residing in foreign countries (bush fallers) do return to feast with family, friends, and, […]

Cameroon’s Manlikeclix: Making the Difference In Fashion Designing

Cameroonian-born fashion designer, Gwei Noel Yengong, best known as Manlikeclix, has risen in the ranks of fashion designing, from his early aspirations, growing up in Bamenda, to actually engaging in […]

Therapy: An Enthralling Cameroonian Movie You Must Watch!!!

Gone are the days when Cameroonians could only sit back and watch Hollywood and Nollywood movies. The new breed of Cameroonian movie producers is changing the dynamics of African movies, […]

Delly's Matchups

Online Dating Will Overshadow Traditional Courting – Delly Singah

In an exclusive interview, Delphine Anon Singah aka Delly, Cameroon’s foremost matchmaker and philanthropist, argues that in a world where the internet is taking over every sphere of life, online […]

How Social Media Spotlighted Nigerian Pencil Artist

By Amos Fofung Nkunchoh Nigerian pencil artist, Eli Waduba, is now enjoying unprecedented fame for his talent after one of his posts went viral on twitter last week. The Nigerian […]

Limbe FESTAC To Begin On April 6, With 15 Million Car Up For Grasps

By Njodzeka Danhatu The Limbe Festival of Art and Culture, FESTAC2019 has been schedule to take place from the 6th to the 13th of April. This was made known to […]

RUWDEC Celebrates Pioneer African Film Maker, Legend, Pan-Africanist

The Rural Women Development Centre, RUWDEC, has used the life and works of Africa’s pioneer film maker, Ousmane Sebene, in motivating and inspiring youths, to embark in original ventures that […]