Separatists Condemn Gov’t/UNDP Agreement To Reconstruct NW/SW

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Cameroon,- Separatist leaders, Ebenezer Akwanga and Chris Anu have questioned the necessity of reconstructing the Northwest and Southwest Regions, amidst the on-going war in English Cameroon.

According to them, reconstruction without peace is like putting the cart before the horse. 

Their criticisms, circulating on social media platforms, is as a result of a financial agreement the Cameroon Government signed with the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, worth FCFA 8.9 billion, for the reconstruction of the Northwest and Southwest Regions. 

“How can the UNDP enter into a $16-million US Dollar reconstruction deal with an annexationist regime in Yaounde, guilty in the midst of the armed conflict with no peace settlement?” Ebenezer Akwanga Questioned.

Chris Anu, his peer remarks: “Not a stone will be erected anywhere in Ambazonia in the name of reconstruction. The people want a mediated end to the war, first,” he said.  

The Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Government, told reporters that Government is doing everything possible to re-establish peace and stability in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. The Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the Northwest and Southwest Regions is expected to run for 10 years, with technical support from the UNDP.

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