Change Would Come From The Streets-Godden Zama’s Tribute To Mancho & Co.

Opinion, Politics

Change would come from the Streets, never from those who called you terrorists or badly brought up kids, today the same people who rained insults on you are asking for a seat on the dialogue table while you are languishing in prison.


A table that was only possible because of your blood, sweat and tears. Still, they don’t even have the courage to demand for your release before the so-called dialogue. Mancho Bibixy, Tsi Conrad, Penn Terence, Elobwede Kinsley just to name a few if there is any seat on any dialogue table it belongs to you. It belongs to you because when it was not popular to call out the regime you took a speakerphone and challenged the powers that be. How dare anyone want to go for dialogue without you?


Sad to know after three years you are still in prison, but knowing you and knowing what you are all made of, it’s inevitable your day would come but no one would take today away from you. No one!

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