Eternal Light Nursery & Primary School Obili: Referential Academic Institution


Less than a week to the kick-off of the 2019/2020 academic year in Cameroon, stakeholders across the country and Yaoundé, in particular, are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a smooth reopening. This is the situation in most schools around the nation’s capital.

Speaking in a press briefing on Saturday, August 24, the Director of Technical Operations and Infrastructure at Eternal Light Nursery and Primary School Obili, Mformi Francis, said preferential treatment should be given to these IDPs as a form of encouragement.


At the Eternal Light Nursery and Primary School, Obili,  focus has been laid on accommodating children from the Northwest and Southwest regions, according to the Director of Technical Operations and Infrastructure, Mformi Francis.

“As a loyal and law-abiding Cameroonian citizen, back-to-school these days is a challenge to the republican duties of a conscious citizen. We at our own level at Eternal Light Nursery and Primary School Obili, we took some bold steps to ensure the preparedness of the environment, making it conducive for the pupil”, Mformi told the press.

He thinks it is a general characteristic prevailing in all academic establishments but the uniqueness of their environment is that they have taken steps to ensure the refurbishment of their school. To him, there cannot be any serious learning if the environment is not conducive. Another uniqueness of the institution is the fact that they are coming in, at a moment when Cameroonian educational system is facing a serious challenge in the Northwest and Southwest regions, that is why they are welcoming kids coming from these regions in a special way.


“We are going to give them preferential treatment which is one of the instructions that is coming from the highest authority of the country” The preferential treatment he said, concerns financial and material support. “We put in place a well-equipped bookshelf, books that are very interesting and falls in the official program of the academic year 2019-2020. We are also offering free didactic material to IDP kids. This is our own way of encouraging the children whose future is at stake due to the crisis in the NW/SW regions. We are doing this because there is no future without the youths and there will be no Cameroon tomorrow without the youths”, he concluded.

The special encouragements are coming at a time there is a continuous influx of children in Yaounde and other Francophone regions of recent from the Anglophone part of the country. The parents are looking for where to enrol their children or escape from violent confrontations.

The new academic year resumes across the country on September 2, 2019.

Written by Amos Muang Nsah


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