Banso Baptist Hospital Reject SDO’s Aid To IDPs, Locals Lambaste Government’s Hypocrisy


The Post Newspaper, in its Weekender edition 01988, reported that the administration of the Banso Baptist Hospital, BBH, has turned down assorted gifts of food items and sleeping materials offered by the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, of Bui Division, Simon Emile Mooh, to Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs.

The hospital officials refused to collect or touch the items that were brought to the hospital in the early hours of Wednesday, March 13.

Presented with the said aid and relief material, hospital officials of BBH, told the SDO that they do not host IDPs, and as such, cannot receive such items.

Faced with the rejection by the hospital, the administrator who was bent on taking home a message to his bosses on the distribution of aid to the locals, abandoned the materials on the hospital premises in frustration. The administrator’s aid was later set on fire by some unidentified young men, who claimed to be Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

The SDO’s controversial aid came just weeks after Government troops resumed a burning campaign in Kumbo and surrounding villages, which resulted in thousands of indigenes losing their homes, lives, businesses, and properties.  Videos of such military campaigns show entire communities razed to the ground, while the locals, mostly the poor who can’t afford to relocate to safer places, have escaped to bushes and forests around. Some complain that they are followed and targeted as they wander from place to place in search of a safe haven, and as such, they are constantly on their toes.

The Post reports that despite what transpired at the hospital premises, officials of BBH have so make a statement on their refusal to receive the administrator’s assistance to those he (SDO) termed IDPs in the hospital.

The decision to hand over gifts to vulnerable and displaced persons at BBH was taken on Tuesday, March 12 during a security meeting that held at the Bui Divisional headquarters.

Before the gifts were ferried to the health facility, officials of the hospital had repeatedly insisted that the hospital does not host vulnerable and displaced persons.

The officials were surprised why despite their insistence that the health facility was not harbouring IDPs; the SDO was forcing them to receive the items.

The Post quotes BBH officials telling the SDO that “There are no IDPs at BBH.”

The paper quotes a local as saying that they cannot in their right minds and conscience, receive gifts from the very people who continue to kill their kinsmen and burn down what they have laboured all their lives to achieve.

The local who termed the gifts as a package soaked in blood reportedly retorted to the news organ that “Our houses have been burnt, our people killed and they want us to eat their food acquired with blood money, we can’t do that. We don’t receive bribe, they should go away with their bloody gifts”.

Some locals on their part, while criticising the government agents, went on to insinuate that the donated goods were stolen from provision shops in Kumbo by security operatives, who have been accused of looting and struggling to give a little of it back to the people as aid.

Pictures from the scene of the said aid operation, show items like blankets, bed sheets, cooking oils, toilet paper, about 5 bags of rice, four cartons of soap, and a television set.

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