Lebialem SDO Orders Civil Servants To Resume Work In Amba Infested Division


By Njodzeka Danhatu

The Senior Divisional officer of Lebialem, Eselakwe Emile Atehmbapanc, has given civil servants until March 25 to resume work in their various duty posts, or face heavy sanctions from government machinery.

The Senior Divisional Officer promised Civil Servants and Contract Workers under his command unit, who will not resume work on or before March 25 that the laws in place will be used against him.

The Civil Servants who are exposed to these sanctions, according to the SDO’s radio announcement on March 7, are those that abandoned their duty posts since April of 2018, owing to the escalation of the Anglophone crisis.

The Release specified that “failure to do so, they (civil servants) are exposed to administrative sanctions as stipulated by Decree No 94/199 of 07th October 1994 bearing the General Rules and Regulations of the Public Service and Labour Code”

Mr Atehmbapanc in his press outing also called on the population of Lebialem that fled their communities due to intensified gunfights between the military and Amba fighters, to return. He said actions are being taken by the administration to restore long-lasting peace in the whole Division.

The SDO’s orders come months after messages purportedly coming from Field Marshal, a leader of Amba fighters in the Division warned civil servants and the general population to avoid going or serving in any state-owned or managed structure. Lebialem Divison is one of the hardest hit and stronghold of Amba fighters, who are clamouring for an independent state for the former Southern Cameroons.

Eselakwe Emile’s orders

The S.D.O is echoing a similar message that was earlier echoed in the region’s capital, Buea, by the Governor the Southwest Region, Mr Okalia Bilai. The Governor’s order was also aimed at compelling civil servants work on ghost town days.  

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