Governor Okalia Suffers Double Attack On Kumba Road; Journalist, 12 soldiers Sustain Wounds


By Andrew Nsoseka

The convoy of the Governor of the Southwest Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, has suffered two separate attacks from Pro-Independence Fighters, Amba Boys, as the Governor and his entourage engaged on a trip to visit the Kumba, and assess the state of the district hospital burnt down by still to be established actors.

Buea-based television station, Hi TV, reports on its Facebook page that the Tuesday, February 12, attack happened in Muyuka, Fako Division, and in Mbalangi, Meme Division of Cameroon’s Southwest region.

The television station reports that the attack resulted in the shattering of the windscreen of at least two vehicles in Governor Okalia’s convoy. Bullet pellets from the pro-separatist fighters, penetrated some of the vehicles in the convoy, wounding some of its occupants.

Attack on Governor Okalia’s convoy

Hi TV’s reporting also holds that at least, 3 persons are currently receiving treatment, following minor, and major injuries sustained from the attack.

On the side of pro-independence fighters, casualties on their side could not be easily ascertained, though military sources claim to have neutralised many fighters during the gunfire exchange.  Many have questioned their claim given the speed at which the convoy drove past the hostile areas.

The Governor’s convoy is said to have set out on an official visit to Kumba, to evaluate the situation on the ground at the burnt district hospital, which claimed the lives of some patients and damaged considerable and vital parts of the hospital.

So far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack on the health facility, which prompted the Governor to visit Kumba. The government has pointed an accusing finger at pro-independence fighters while Southern Cameroon activists on their part, have accused government forces, whom they claim carried out the arson attack after a futile hunt for wounded separatist fighters believed to be receiving medical treatment in some health facilities in Kumba.

A journalist in the convoy, Ines Danielle Ondua, correspondent of Canal 2 television, and Vice President of the Southwest Chapter of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, CJTU,  also sustained injuries during the attack but is reportedly responding to treatment. The Secretary-General of CJTU, Atia Azohnwi in a statement noted that Ines Danielle Ondua was the only civilian that that was wounded during the attack on the convoy. The Guardian Post newspaper, on its part, reported that 12 soldiers sustained injuries as a result of the attack.


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