After Biya’s Plea for Patriotism, Cameroonians Challenge Him To Set The Example


By Njodzeka Danhatu

Cameroon’s online community has reacted ‘negatively’ to President Biya’s message in which he called on the citizens of Cameroon to be patriotic, by not joining and relaying messages from critics of his regime.

Friday, February 8, President Paul Biya who has been in power for close to four decades, twitted “be patriotic internet users working for Cameroon’s development and influence,” he said, adding; “and not passive followers or naïve relays for staunch critics of the Republic”. 

This message from the President of Cameroon has captured criticism from Cameroonians in and out of the country who say they are disappointed with their leaders. Lanjo Fopa Alexandre commented on Biya’s official Facebook account, saying “we love Cameroon and not our leaders. They are so egoistic without conscience”.

Amir Jamil replied to President Biya’s tweet, saying; “We are very patriotic and we require transparency in the management of our nation, and true engagement of the administration managing the country. We demand peace and not excessive force and unmeasured means used by our forces of law and order or the armed forces. We need the truth.”

On his part, Ern Bah replied to Biya by saying; “Blindly following and applauding a bad leader is the greatest unpatriotic act anyone can take”

Another reply to Biya from Vincent Nji simply said “Patriotism should start with you . . . sir”

Solange Ngum also replied to Biya’s tweet, saying; “It is sad when this regime thinks patriotism is when citizens sugar-coat their tongues in order to protect their jobs and positions…”

The president is calling on Cameroonians to be patriotic internet users at a time that many youths are been influenced on social media to protest and revolt against the system.

Weeks ago, some political parties protested by saying ‘no to electoral hold-ups’ in Cameroon, and that is what Ayuk Jones in frowning at “you should start to show us patriotism by not rigging elections and respect our human dignity as Cameroonians” He said, directing his message to Biya.  

The president has in several cases ordered for internet to be disconnected in other parts of the country because he believed the people were been influenced online by those who want to destabilise the country.

Now, Cameroon is currently facing a crisis in the Anglophones regions and what some people have started referring to as the Francophone crisis in the French Zones of Cameroon.

To other people, it is about change and not patriotism. Joel Ndaled, Cameroonian responded to Biya, saying; “we won’t criticise a system that has made us happy, but we must criticise a bad system until it is better. That should not make us to be called anti-patriotic”

Most Cameroonians according to some critics have lost trust in the system and that is why they tend to accept whatever thing is said about the regime on social media by those who want to see its downfall.

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  • Being patriotic does not mean telling lies,regging elections, corrupting fellow citizens’ minds and selling our consciences to support a particular individual and an oligarchic regime in power.

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