Source Du Pays Launches Planet Geant, 1.25L To Replace 1L, At Same Price


By Andrew Nsoseka

Source Du Pays, Cameroons leading producer and marketer in the soft drink market, has launched a new 1.25 litre soft drink, Planet Geant, now available in different flavours and same good taste, to replace the one litre drink that has been circulating in the market.

Source du Pays’ latest product, Planet Geant, now in the market

Information about the latest innovation, by the company, was made public in a press conference organised by Source Du Pays in Buea, during which the new product was presented to the media and retailers of the soft drink company.

Amo Khatar Presenting new product to media, partners.

In the press gathering presided at by Source du Pays Commercial Director, Amo Khatar, assisted by its Communication Officer, Mrs Mabel Yufanyi and Zone Chief, Mr Arsene Agba, they told the press that the introduction of ‘Planet Geant’, is because “We want to make sure that we always have something new to give our customers…We want to give our customers the best. We will want our customers to call it ‘Planet Geant’.”

Officials of the Company explained that from time to time, they have always held meetings and deliberated on ways through which they can reach out to their customers, and that this time around, they decided to give customers “More juice at the same price”

Source du Pays’ Communication Officer, Mrs Mabel Yufanyi talking to the press.

Commenting on the a question as to why they will be increasing the product’s quantity without a corresponding increase in price, Source Du Pays’ Commercial Director, Mr Amo Khatar said the company’s interest with its consumers, surpasses its commercial interest.

On her part, the Communications Officer, Mrs Mabel Yufanyi, pointed out that when it comes to innovations, Source Du Pays has always been the pace-setter.

According to her, prior to the company’s coming to the soft drink market in Cameroon, most people could not afford things like mineral water, but when the company went operational, it made it possible for every Cameroonian to have mineral water available in every container size, shape and price.

She noted that other competitors have always come behind, to copy Source Du Pays’ innovative strides.

On the allegations that the drinks contain too much sugar that may be bad for consumers’ health, the representatives of company insisted that their drinks are made with 100percent natural sugar and that the rumours are unfounded. Mrs Mabel pointed that over two years, they have reduced the sugar level by up to 10percent, and that there are plans to continuously reduce the sugar content, till 2020.

“We just want to give our customers ample satisfaction; more juice.” She explained that the decision to increase the quantity of the juice, while maintaining the price, is to keep the customers glued by giving them more.

The Commercial Manager, Mr Amo told the press and its customers that the new drink, will still maintain the current and good quality, and that it will be made available in the market in the various flavours that suit the customer’s taste, but still at the same price, FCFA 500.

The new product is launched with a tagline; Bigger is Better. On the bottle, it is branded; Bigger Bottle, Same Price.