Mimi Mefo’s Arrest Stir Outrage, Condemnation


By Kesah Princely, Njodzeka Danhatu & Paul Njie

The incarceration of Mimi Mefo Takambou, deputy Editor-in-chief in charge of the English desk at Equinoxe Television, has sparked outrage in various circles of the country, as her colleague journalists and rights defenders have condemn the act, chiding it as a move to intimidate journalists and crackdown on the press.

Mimi Mefo, arrested Cameroon Journalist and newscaster.

In a statement issued by her employer, Equinoxe Television, they condemned Mimi’s arrest and called for her release, saying;

“Equinoxe Television strongly condemns the incarceration of Mimi Mefo Takambou, journalist and deputy editor-in-chief in charge of the English desk at the Douala Central Prison on the night of November 7 2018.

“Regarding the fact that Mimi Mefo Takambou did not commit any crime while exercising her duties as a journalist, we are asking the competent authorities to take all necessary measures for her immediate release.” The statement read.

Followers and fans of the celebrated Cameroon female journalist and newscaster, have also joined in condemning her arrest, and are demanding that she should be freed and allowed to practice her profession in respect of the constitutional provision for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Others have chided the manner in which she was treated, and opined that if she did something unprofessional, the issue should be handled at the National Communication Council, where issues of that domain are handled, and not a military tribunal.

The 29 year-old journalist and Founder of Mimi Mefo Info, an online news platform was arrested on the night of Wednesday November 7, after many hours of interrogation at the Bonanjo Gendarmerie Legion.

Prior to her arrest, she had been tendered a summons where she was expected to appear before the Gendarmerie Legion in Bonanjo, for charges of fake news and cyber criminality. Her case was postponed twice. According to one of her lawyers Barrister Tamfu Richard, her arrest was based on a new count of infringement of state security. He also said on social media that the alleged facts behind Mimi’s detention were based on her reporting on the killing of an American Missionary, Charles Trumann Wesco.

Before being kept under custody, she denied having written any fake article to support the Ambazonian movement, and revealed to the BBC that she had received numerous threats from individuals based on her job in reporting especially on the Anglophone crisis.

In the face of the current circumstances, some Anglophone journalists of the private media have condemned the intimidation of their fellow colleague; Elie Smith, a Cameroonian journalist considers this act as ‘‘a crackdown of press freedom in Cameroon.’’ According to him, journalists must be sincere in their support, and stop acting as informants of state security services.

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